An exotic trip to Tahiti with Seniors Travel

by Jules on April 17, 2013

Tahiti is part of France and is the largest island of French Polynesia. Tahiti is located on the islands of the Sociedad archipelago and its capital is Papeete. On this island the official French language is spoken and it is a tourist destination chosen by the fans of the beaches, nature, and green tourism in general. It is also preferred by the elderly thanks to the relaxation and serenity it offers and their seniors travel insurance covering for such amazing trips.

Get Directions

Almost any city in the world has direct flights to Tahiti so the best option is to travel, if you’re in Europe, to France and then take a flight to the airport in Tahiti.


Tahiti has a tropical climate and an average temperature of 25° C. Between June and October is the ideal time to travel to this destination as it is a time when there are no rains and the weather is dry.


In Tahiti there are a number of offers for accommodation among which you will surely find one that fits your budget. The highlights are the hotels of 3 or 4 star beachfront and the cottage style hotels that are usually family pension type or for seniors.

What to see

When traveling to Tahiti it is important to know that the main tourist attractions are related to beaches and green tourism. You also cannot miss visiting the neighboring islands, hiking at natural paths in areas reminiscent of an infinite paradise of sun, beach and contact with nature. It will definitely seem magical and will whirl a lot of emotions inside you!

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