Guide to the South by Southwest Festival 2013

by Jules on February 23, 2013

The largest music festival on earth, the SXSW Festival 2013 will kick off on Friday 8 March and will run until 17 March. Fans of music and movies should check out the South by Southwest Festival which provides 10 days of the very latest exciting entertainment. This annual event is dedicated to music, films and other forms of interactive media. It is held each March at the Convention Center located in Austin, Texas, USA and is attended by fans from across the world.

Goodbye to Old Man Winter
South by Southwest Festival, also known as SXSW, is a perfect way to welcome spring and say goodbye to the winter doldrums. Lose yourself in the imaginative performances, dramatic arts and connect with individuals who are just beginning to make their mark in the world of show business.

This unmissable music festival celebrates the beauty and creative genius of films and music. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg. SXSW has since become much more than just the sum of its parts. There are stand-up comedy sessions, ‘startup alley’ and various parties to look forward to throughout the festival.

Rolling it Out
Collectively speaking there are actually three major shows which are combined to create the South by Southwest Festival. These events include;

  • South by Southwest Film
  • South by Southwest Music
  • South by Southwest Interactive Media

Even though each of the above shows are dedicated to one specific genre, the dates and times do overlap. Guests can choose to attend only one of or spread their wings and attend all three.

Thousands turn out each year to take part in the festivities. With 2,500+ official performers on the schedule there are sure to be activities that will appeal to every individual. You can view a roster that lists each performer and decide on the days that you want to attend SXSW. Veterans of the film and music industries will appear alongside upcoming stars and new hopefuls.

March 3M (Movie/Music/Media) Madness
Austin Music Awards is another event that usually occurs about the same time of the year. You might also want to check out the dates for the Heart of Texas Rock Show. It will probably be possible to take in the action at all three of these superstar events.

Attendees can find hot new songs that can be downloaded directly to iPhones and other MP3 devices. Live acts take center stage but there are showcase performances that feature professionals in the entertainment business as well as new talent from the Internet.

Making it Happen
This Austin based festival is a combination of displays, live art, bands, exhibitions, performances and conferences. Conan O’Brien, Elvis and Annabelle, Mark Zuckerberg and the Foo Fighters are just a few of the featured names that have taken the stage at South by Southwest. Of course there is a strong connection between SXSW and those individuals who consider themselves to be dedicated film buffs or audiophiles.

Guests can expect to meet a number of interesting individuals including some who are beginning careers as film producers and directors. Independently made movies, experimental films and mainstream films will also be debuted. It is this galaxy of ideas, talent and promising new hopefuls that create such a dynamic event.

The movies that are being screened at South by Southwest include independent films, mainstream US releases and a wealth of foreign offerings. There will also be clips, sample downloads and new productions being released by online media companies.

Back to the Beginning
The early beginnings for SXSW date back to 1987. Organizers included Louis Meyers, Louis Black, Rolan Swenson and Nick Barbaro. Originally SXSW was to be an offshoot of the New Music SeminarToday this festival is the place where you can discover new acts, bright young talent and a vast array of creative performances.

Since the debut of SXSW in 1987 the size and scope of the festival has significantly expanded. The 2011 event lasted for more than a week with movies, media events and music all overlapping along the way.

Behind the Scenes
SXSW the genius behind the Austin festival. This company plans and coordinates a number of events that include the SXSW ECo and the SXSWedu. The soaring popularity of the South by Southwest Festival has now made it a major platform for the introduction of both new and established talent.

The official website has full details including the daily line-up.

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