Hot holidays destinations for December

by Jules on November 5, 2012

What festivities? Foget about everything in Kiribati

Chill out post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas with a vacation in December. All of these tours are featured on PureTravel and are our tips on where to go in December;

1. India – Exploring India in December is ideal; the monsoon rains have passed and the heat and humidity have abated. Visitors can spot the wildlife of Rajasthan, stay on a houseboat on the sleepy Kerala backwaters and discover Northern India; land of the Mughals and Maharajas.
2. South Africa – On a trip to South Africa, travelers can combine wildlife spotting in the Kruger National Park, enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surrounding landscapes from Table Mountain and even help out local children on a volunteer programme.
3. Argentina – Experience mighty Iguazú Falls for yourself, tour the Mendoza vineyards and enjoy a glass of two of the world renowned wine and soak up the atmosphere in vibrant and cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, home of the tango.
4. Vietnam – The country of Vietnam often appears on PureTravel lists because there is so much raw beauty, charm and history to discover! Adventure seekers can trek the northern hills of Sapa and enjoy homestays, keen cyclists can cycle southward through the country taking in the local sights and smells and travelers can enjoy theatre, fine dining and history galore in the capital city of Hanoi.
5. Panama – Take in the modern and bustling Panama City, explore the natural tropical rainforests and National Parks of Gamboa, Soberania, Camino de Cruces, Chagres and follow the world famous Panama Canal.
6. Kiribati – Turkey dinners will be a distant memory if you opt for Kiribati. The tiny island in Micronesia is steeped in tradition and outside of the English speaking capital Tarawa, many areas are untouched by western influences and foreign visitors are somewhat of a curiosity!
7. Sweden – OK so Sweden technically isn’t ‘hot’ but there is so much to do; explore the culture and history of the capital city Stockholm, walk the country landscapes of dales, lakes and woodlands and work off all that season indulgence by becoming a musher on a dog sledding and husky adventure!

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