Top 5 Things to Experience in Corsica

by Jules on October 27, 2012

Corsica is calling all beach lovers, keen hikers, enthusiastic divers, seafarers and culture buffs! Corsica has been nicknamed the mountain in the sea, as it rises majestically out of the Mediterranean. Blessed with geographical diversity, there are a multitude of photo opportunities. And the focus shifts to Corsica as the starting point of the 2013 Tour de France, which is sure to re-establish itself firmly back on the tourist trail.

Calanche Of Piana

The Calanche of Piana in Corsica’s Gulf of Porto has been a UNESCO site since 1983. The nature reserve is part of the Regional Natural Park and is recognised as a World Heritage Site thanks to the outstanding beauty and diversity. Calanche is located on the Scandola Peninsula on the seacoast of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The Comanche Cliffs are created from ancient rock mass with protected scrubland which is home to many species of birdlife. The area is home to sea eagles, cormorants and seagulls to name but a few. Many naturalists congregate here to admire and capture the natural unspoilt beauty which remains undeveloped by tourism. The Calanche region is millions of years old and is popular with hikers, skilled rock climbers and walkers from around the world. The cliffs are typical shrubland; no soil, just scattered shrubs of juniper, sage and myrtle. Wildlife such as boar, fox, rabbits, crows, eagles and reptiles roam the area. This is also a popular training area for rock climbers but the site is closed during July, August and September due to prevalent fires. There are also regular boat tours from La Ciotat, Marseille, or Cassis. Other nature reserves on Corsica include the Lavezzi islands, Finocchiarola islands, the Cerbicales islands and Biguglia Lake.

Bonifacio Citadel and Village

Bonifacio is a small friendly village with plenty of traditional artisan craftsmen making goods for visitors. There are numerous quaint shops, colourful restaurants, small bars and cafes set on narrow streets. Visitors should explore the Sancte Joannes Batptista wooden sculpture which depicts the beheading of John the Baptist. Visit also Sainte Marie-Majeure which is the oldest church in Bonifacio and built around the 12th century. Climb the tower at the Bonifacio Citadel and enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Travellers can visit the Gothic Church of Sainte Dominique, chill on out on one of the numerous beaches in the area (there are over 200 beaches on the island) and even enjoy a round of golf. The restaurants within Bonifacio offer authentic French and Italian menus. Rent a car and discover the area and be aware that the summer months, particularly August, can be busy, so book in advance.

Aiguilles de Bavella

The Bavella Needles, aka Aiguilles de Bavella, is cosily nestled within the Laricio pines of the Corsican Mountain Range and is a visitor’s paradise. Witness for yourself the extraordinary array of natural colours. Wander the beautiful village of Bavella sitting in view of the beautiful Gulf of Porto Vecchio. Enjoy wonderful local restaurants with superb menus and quaint shops selling regional produce.

Facts About Corsica

  • Capital city of Corsica is Ajaccio,which is where Napoleon Bonaparte was born in 1769
  • Yes Corsica is part of France, and has been for more than 200 years but the architecture, culture, cuisine, even the language are entirely different
  • Corsica is 183x83km with 1,000km of coastline and around 265,000 residents
  • Climbers should tackle Monte Cinto, the island’s highest point at 2,710m and there are more than fifty points that rise to over 2,000m
  • Corsica is a great year-round destination with average temperature of 16°C and 3,000 hours of sunshine every year

Gorges de la Restonica

Take a trip to the Gorges de la Restonica which is a great spot to view the scenic gorges. Ideal for those travellers seeking a quiet spot, to appreciate peaceful nature in its entirety. The Gorges de la Restonica are located in the very heart of Corsica and are popular with hikers and sunbathers, thanks to the natural river pools. There are rewarding hiking and walking paths and amazing lakes, such as Capitello Lake and Melo Lake. Take the hiking trail to Monte Rotondo through amazing forests of pine.


Climb the Chappell de Notre Dame de la Sierre in Calvi and admire the view. Adventurers can hike up to Calvi to explore the area and offers a challenging hike. Calvi is bustling both day and night with great nightlife on offer on the West Mediterranean seashore as well as pristine sandy beaches coupled with aqua blue clear shallow waters. Browse the quaint shops and restaurants and take it all in.

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