7 Signs That All Inclusive Holidays Are Not Right For You

by Jules on October 26, 2012

Whether it’s a tropical resort or a cruise ship experience, all inclusive holidays include almost everything from meals to entertainment and a one-stop drop for your luggage where you can unpack and simply relax. However, these vacations are not for everyone. Consider the following to figure out if an all inclusive holiday is right for you.

  • S.O.S. I’m Trapped!!! If you enjoy the freedom of going from place seeing all you can, then chances are that staying in one place may make you feel confined. All inclusive resorts generally tend to be either on the edge of town or downright rural.
  • Dump Your Diet! It’s hard to say no to another meal when it’s already paid for. If you hate to see food go to waste or are a lighter eater you may find that an all inclusive bundle isn’t worth the money. Smaller hotels and resorts may only have one restaurant which gets pretty boring when you face the same four walls for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper… you get my drift. The food and drink will be limited as well, think chips with everything! And you can bet that whatever is leftover from breakfast will come back in another guise for lunch! It is advisable going all inclusive to a country that you love the cuisine of (sounds obvious I know), for example I can (and have) eaten curry for three meals a day. I have been all-inclusive to both Sri Lanka and India and the food was sublime – in fact the waiters were met with an unhappy traveller when they dared point me in the direction of the ‘western restaurant’!
  • Forget the Action. Those seeking a vacation filled with adventure may be disappointed or bored. Although many offer fitness classes and entertainment venues, this may be as exciting as it gets. Finding a resort that offers adventure activities included in the package price are pretty thin on the ground.
  • Where did all the culture go? Unless you opt for planned excursions during your stay, you’ll not get a lot of cultural diversion. Those looking for a local experience with the arts and culture of the community may be better off with another vacation choice.
  • Haven’t I Seen You Somewhere Before? If you find seeing the same people every day more annoying than fun this holiday may not be for you. Be aware that many all-inclusive holidays cater to specific types of people, married couples, singles, families with children and gay couples and families. Seeing the same people day-in and day-out is NOT good at all – I became mildly obsessed with a fellow travellers’ swimsuit on one such vacation! She wore it every day and I grew concerned for her hygiene! Worse still is when your fellow all-inclusivers try to buddy up with you and suggest hanging out for the duration… urgh!
  • Type A Personality Beware. Many people love a holiday they can just show up for and relax! But if you love making lists of things you need to see and do on your vacation rethink an all-inclusive holiday. Planners may not enjoy having so much done for them and quite possibly not to their standards.
  • Read the small print! A typical all inclusive vacation is great for those on a tight budget as it includes most of the major expenses. However, if you don’t like hidden fees and restrictions this may be frustrating. Things not included may be specialty restaurants or foodstuffs on the premises (such as prawns, seafood or special dishes and branded wines and alcoholic beverages) and often resorts have age restrictions for children.

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