7 Signs that a City Break is NOT Right for You

by Jules on May 23, 2012

City breaks can be an overcrowded experience

A long weekend trip to a buzzing city can be a fantastic experience, full of interesting cultural sights, ancient historical monuments and a wide assortment of restaurants, bars and clubs. It’s not everybody’s perfect break though and if you find yourself nodding at the following points then a city stopover may not be your ideal travel adventure either;

Cross-walks – The city is not for you if you hate waiting to cross the street and have to pep step all the way for fear of being run down by people and worse yet vehicles if you get caught in the middle of the street when the light changes!

People, People and more People – The city scene is not for you if you feel that you deal with enough people already during your working week. Cities are mostly bursting to the seams with people, just waiting to talk over you, bump into you and dodge in front of you when queuing.

Coat Tail Caught in the Subway? The best way to get around a large metropolitan city is via the subway; however the trains are always packed. Running to get onto the subway and barely making it, while trying to keep your traveling partner (s) together is downright dangerous. Usually you’ll just squeeze in before the doors close behind you and the sudden realization that there are no seats free to rest your aching legs and sore feet. After walking miles and running a marathon to your train, all you can do is stand in the crowd and hang on (face nestled in a sweaty strangers armpit is almost mandatory). Taxis are an alternative option if you are willing to pay handsomely, tip well and sit in traffic jams.

High Prices – What do thousands of captive people equal? Well, the change to overcharge on everything, from transportation needs to retail items to food at a massive mark up. Maybe the city just isn’t for you.

Enjoy Bird Sanctuaries in the City? You will have to do a lot of walking in a city and you might think that a quiet, restful, break on a cool park bench sounds great, and it would be if it were not for the hordes of pigeons waiting to pounce on your tasty snack.

Camera Toting Idiots – If you don’t fancy weaving through hordes of people and their assorted cameras, and being caught in numerous photos with city landmarks then the city is definitely not for you.

Afraid of Fear? If you fear being robbed, having your wallet lifted or purse snatched then the big city life is not for you, not even for a quick getaway.

What do you think? Are you passionate about a city stay or do you hate the very sound of them? Let us know which camp you are in!

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