20 Weird Laws From Around The World

by Jules on May 21, 2012

London is home to many strange laws

I never realized how many laws I have broken when travelling. I have always thought of myself as a law-abiding citizen. Oops! Read this list and see where you could be going wrong;

• Boogers must not be flicked into the wind when in Alabama. (What if it’s stuck to your finger and you can’t get it off for heaven’s sake.)
• In Florida, you may not pass gas in public in the evening. (Question? What happens with the silent ones where everyone is pointing at the other guy? Well I guess just make sure you don’t say oops or sorry.)
• In Florida, annoying the community is a second degree misdemeanour. (The poor guy who passes gas will get hit with two offenses.)
• Bees are not allowed to fly over the village or through any of the streets in Kirkland, Illinois USA. (I wonder if that is what the police sirens were for that day we were there. Apprehending those offenders will surely create a buzz about town.)
• It is unlawful for a person to shoot rubber guns onto a highway without written permission from the City Council in Mount Vernon, Iowa. (Oops!)
• It is illegal to endanger a moving train by standing a vehicle on the tracks in Prince William County in Virginia. (Endangering the train! What if my car stalls?)
• It is illegal for bar owners in Kimball, Tennessee, to allow their customers to fart. (I guess we know who will get blamed this time; the owner!)
• Skunks may not be brought into the state of Tennessee. (Don’t even try it, they will smell you coming.)
• It is illegal to tease or harass an idiot whilst in Georgia. (I will be nice when that “wonderful” person cuts me off on the highway.)

• In London it is illegal to flag down a taxi if you have the plague. (Thank goodness it was only H1N1.)
• A pregnant woman can pee anywhere she wants. (Definitely useful information for the future.)
• It is forbidden to carry rabid dogs and corpses in a city cab in London. (I thought the guy was just rude and in need of a bath sitting next to me.)
• You cannot die in the Houses of Parliament in the UK. (Will definitely try my best, but really can’t guarantee the guy next to me in the city cab.)

• The country is classified as a no-pee destination. (Sorry! Small bladder and couldn’t hold it.)
• You may never use dice to play craps. (Well. Crap!)


• One cannot be charged for a meal at an inn unless that person (in his or her own opinion) is “full”. (Awesome! I love this one.)

• Blogging is forbidden in Vietnam, well at least chatting in forums or blogging about the Vietnamese government is strictly forbidden. (That’ll be an early end to your holiday then!)

• Picking one’s nose on the Sabbath is highly illegal throughout Israel. (I didn’t pick! I blew!)

• The sale of chewing gum is prohibited across Singapore. (Brought my own, but I didn’t stick it anywhere. I swallowed it.)

• No one is allowed to step on any of the nation’s currency. (Watch your step on this one.)

How many silly laws have you unknowingly broken?

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