Focus on; Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil

by Jules on December 7, 2011

Iguazu Falls in Brazil

Announced as one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, we focus on the mighty Iguazu Falls in South America;

Whether by boat, helicopter, jeep, horseback or on foot, a visit to Iguazu Falls affords a uniquely- unforgettable experience. Situated on the southern border of Brazil and northern border of Argentina is a series of 275 majestically-cascading waterfalls believed to have been discovered by a Spanish conquistador in 1542.

Iguazu Falls was added to the World Heritage sites lists in 1996. An attempt to describe them was penned by Eleanor Roosevelt who said Iguazu Falls is 4 times larger than Niagara Falls and only compare to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

Catwalks on the Argentinean side afford visitors the opportunity to literally walk around the top rim of the falls to see Devil’s Throat believed to have been created by volcanic activity over thousands of years. A rainforest train ride originating at the national park visitors center meanders through lush vegetation inhabited by monkeys, lizards and the quatras, which is a cross between a raccoon and armadillo. Moonlight excursions are conducted once per month by the park rangers. Perhaps the ultimate way for thrill-seekers to experience the falls is by repelling in specially-designated areas.

The Macuco Trail offers an easy-walking experience encompassing a two-mile trip beneath a canopy of trees home to the four-inch long White-bearded Manaking. For birdwatchers a highlight is to chance to watch black and white male birds attempting to attract and mate with green females. Along the trail one may encounter large Tucans always ready to pose for cameras. Another bird one may encounter is the Macuco resembling a chicken and unfortunately included on the endangered species list due to being hunted as a meat source for humans. Near the end of the trail, Arrechea Waterfall affords a swimming opportunity for those who dare to do so.

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