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by Jules on December 7, 2011

New York is a northeastern state in the United States which affords travelers to visit a wide assortment of areas, all unique to the New York area. From big city life to remote areas celebrating a laid back lifestyle and a return to nature; New York offers something for everyone.

The biggest draw of travel to New York is to head to New York City. Dubbed the Big Apple, visitors can find plenty to see and do while in the area. Shopping along Madison Avenue gives shoppers a chance to peruse stores featuring high end, luxury goods seen in movies and magazines.

Heading towards infamous Tomes Square, the bright lights and hustle and bustle of the area draws crowds for the sheer size of the area. Massive billboards shine overhead, and every direction you turn a store, restaurant or attraction is ready to greet you. From off-Broadway and Broadway shows to fine dining and New York delis; your options are seemingly limitless while in the city. Other attractions of interest include the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, Ground Zero, the Statue of Liberty and Battery Park. Additional highlights while in the city include a ferry ride around Staten Island, jumping between boroughs via the New York subway and even grabbing a slice of world famous New York style pizza from one of the countless pizza shops lining the streets of the city.

If you want to travel outside of the bustling city while in New York, you can head up towards the Catskill Mountains and revel in the beauty of the trees, flora and fauna of the area which transports you back to a different time. From there, if you go even farther north, you can experience the United States side of Niagara Falls and stand in wonder as the mammoth falls spill over the dam, and make the transition from Canada to the United States. If you want to truly experience the sheer size and magnitude of Niagara Falls, taking a boat ride underneath the falls is available for the truly courageous.

New York is s state which has a little of something for everyone, from stoic Amish farmsteads to high tech theatre productions on Broadway; family diners in the mountain areas to top notch, world renowned chef inspired restaurants in Manhattan and handmade crafts found in the country to designer wares in the big city; so make sure you Find the best New York Deals and prepare yourself for a 24 hour non-stop destination which will keep you entertained, enthralled and well fed throughout your entire journey.

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