10 Reasons Cheap Flights are not Worth the Headache

by Jules on May 31, 2011

10 Reasons cheap flights are not worth the headache

When you opt for an airline that is super cheap for your next travel adventure, you may be attracted to the low prices, but keep in mind that there is a reason they are cheap. And then remember the old saying “You Get What You Pay For”. It is important you take your time and think about these 10 reasons that your cheap flight may not be worth the few dollars of savings after all.

1. They can be unreliable: Cheap flights have tight and usually very limited schedules. In order to keep on schedule things have to go just right. Having limited amount of planes and limited access to other flight craft your plane can easily be delayed or canceled with little or sometimes no back up.
2. Something may be compromised: While there are surely industry standards for all airlines money has to be saved somewhere. When operating on a tight budget you have to wonder where funds are being cut. Who is being hired to service the aircraft? How new and where did the plane come from? As a consumer you may never know this information.
3. Poor Service: Read reviews and check out the internet and you will quickly see that some of these small airlines that offer cheap flights have poor if not terrible customer service.
4. Changing schedules: Most cheap airlines have very limited flights. So, if there is a problem with flight times you could find yourself stuck if not for hours, days.
5. No support: A cheap airline tends to skimp here the most. If you have a problem you may be out of luck. After all, there is no name to live up to and there is rarely a huge support system in place.
6. No history: Cheap airlines come as fast as they go. Having no history you cannot be sure that you are flying with a safe and secure airline. This surely is enough to keep many people from choosing a cheap flight.
7. They really aren’t cheap: While most of these airlines advertise cheap flights they ding you for everything else. I not just talking about luggage I am talking about everything from a “normal” seat, glass or water and even to use the bathroom. It is crazy.
8. Baggage fees: Many airlines are charging for checked luggage but you can still bring a carry on. Some of these cheap airlines make up the price for the flight by charging for carry on luggage as well as checked luggage.
9. Hidden Fees: Be wary of low prices. There are often other hidden service fees that you may not know about until you actually purchase your ticket.
10. There is a reason they are cheap…

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