Brace yourself for another volcano ash cloud

by Jules on May 23, 2011

Here we go again! Both airlines and tour operators are waiting to see if the latest Iceland volcano eruption will see a repeat of the ash cloud incident of April last year.

Last year it was Eyjafjallajokull and this time around it’s the Grimsvotn volcano, although reports suggest that disruption seen on last’s scale are unlikely. There is a small chance that the ash cloud may drift over Scotland by Tuesday. So far only Iceland has closed their airport after the ash clouds rose some 12 miles into the air. However this year the wind is lighter which will curb the spread and the actual ash is more coarse so will fall to the ground quickly instead of drifting.

Last April the ash cloud from Eyjafjallajokul saw around 10 million travellers stuck in various parts of the world as over 63,000 flights were cancelled, either to or from 23 countries in Europe.

No European or international flights are affected but do keep an eye on local reports for up to date information.

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