7 Yoga Travel Tips for Complete Relaxation

by Julia on April 21, 2010

You'll have the downward dog pose sorted in no time!

If you love yoga at home, chances are you’ll love yoga even more if you incorporate it into your travels. Yoga and travel go together just like peas and carrots and with our tips you can enjoy a healthy and chilled out travel experience;

1. Yoga Is Therapeutic – As soon as you hit the yoga mat, you begin to wind down and immerse yourself in the practice. You focus on breathing and can forget about worries or problems, including airport delays. And your therapy can take place somewhere more exotic during your travels; on top of a mountain or beside a waterfall.
2. Stretch Out – Practicing yoga regularly helps you to learn various different stretching moves which can be applied to everyday life and to confined spaces such as all those plane, train and bus journeys.
3. Vacation Workout – If you can’t quite face hitting the stifling hotel gym then pitch your mat under a tree instead for a more enjoyable, yet still rewarding, vacation workout.
4. Immerse Yourself In The Culture – Wherever you head to you’re guaranteed a unique experience as yoga is practiced in different ways across the world.

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5. Meet New People – Whether you join an organized class or just practice in a park, you’ll meet new people and can swap tips and advice.
6. Yoga Clothes – The natural fabrics of yoga clothes are perfect for traveling in to stay unrumpled and comfortable.
7. Just Chill Out – There are so many situations that you just can’t control and by getting into yoga mode, meditation and relaxation will naturally follow, equaling a much more chilled out you!

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