Would you pedal for your supper?

by Julia on April 19, 2010

It's cycling, but not as you know it...

How about this for a green idea; pedal on a static bike for an hour and get a free meal. This is a new eco initiative from a luxury Copenhagen hotel and it sounds like a healthy way to start a vacation!

The energy generated from all that pedaling will help provide electricity for the hotel in Denmark.  The bikes are connected to generators and for all those generating 100 watt hours of electricity, there is a free meal waiting for them. For fit and healthy travelers, the free meal worth 23 GBP (36 USD), should be achieved in around 60 minutes.

And with 366 rooms at the hotel, there is the potential for a whole load of peddle power to be generated. And if the hotel allows more than one session per person, there is the potential to make travel accommodation cheaper!

What do you think? Would you peddle your way to a free feed?

By Julie Bowman

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