5 Bizarre Items Impounded by Airport Security

by Julia on January 7, 2010

Tropical fish - great in the wild but not not so great wriggling under your skirt!

Aside from the pairs of tweezers, bottles of water and pieces of fruit that are often confiscated by airport security staff on your holiday, there are also some really weird items which have been discovered;

Chameleon – A woman flew from Dubai to Manchester with her pet chameleon perched on her head which she passed off as a hat! Security rumbled her when her ‘hat’ poked its tongue out!
Snakes – Not just one snake but 75 of the wriggling little critters which were being smuggled (smothered?) in a woman’s bra. Her itching gave the game away!
Rare Birds – A man was caught with four live birds of paradise in his suitcase. Oh and two live pygmy monkeys in his pants!
Tropical Fish – Another woman, this time with 51 live tropical fish under her skirt. The bags of water made flipping noises and the game was up.
Human Eyes – Probably the weirdest item that security staff have come across is a jar of 10 human eye balls bobbing around in a jam jar!

Add your own weird and wonderful stories of banned items in the comments. Thanks to the Telegraph for the list.

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