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by Julia on January 11, 2010

Awesome El Salvador!

A visit to El Salvador will uncover a beautiful and unspoilt destination that has yet to be discovered by many travelers. Blessed with untouched forests, crystal clear lakes, active volcanoes and the hot surfing spot of Punta Roca, El Salvador’s natural, colonial and archaeological sites are waiting to be discovered;

Official name: Republic of El Salvador
Capital City:
San Salvador
Republican, Democratic, Representative
Head of state:
President Mauricio Funes Cartagena
Territorial Extension:
20,742 km2
Total population:
5,744,113 inhabitants approx.
Total area:
21, 040 sq km (smallest in Central America)
US Dollar
Official Language:
Spanish although English is spoken in most tourist destinations and in some villages the nahuat
The majority Catholic and Protestant, but there is freedom of worship
National Bird:
Torogoz (Momoto Cejiturquesa)
National Flower:
Izote Flower (Yucca Guatemalensis)
National Tree:
Maquilishuat (Tabebuia Rosea the family of Dignoniageae)
Reference time:
GMT-6 Country Code: 503
110 volts AC, 60 Hz and 220 volts
International of El Salvador (Comalapa)
Seaport Home:
Main exports:
Textiles, coffee, sugar and shrimp
Mostly hot, rainy season between May and October
Number of Animal Species:

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Geographic Location - El Salvador is located in the Southwest of Central America on the Pacific Coast and is the only country in the region that has no coast in the Atlantic Ocean. El Salvador is blessed with over 300km of coastline.
Entry requirements - A valid passport, depending on the country of origin, it is sometimes necessary tourist visa or tourist card at a cost of 10 USD, usually valid for 90 days.
Communications - The country code is 503. The code for international calls is 00. Currently used GSM networks include 850, 900, 1900 and 1950. Fax facilities are available at all hotels. It’s simple to access the Internet, business centers of all hotels and cafes have internet, as well as various Wi-Fi points.
Currency exchange - It recommended that visitors only change foreign currencies into the banks. Credit and debit cards are widely accepted. Travelers checks can be exchanged in banks and hotels, upon presentation of a passport.
Airport tax – 32 USD
Tipping - 10% is appropriate in most restaurants and bars. Some establishments already include tips in their prices.

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