How to Survive the Christmas Travel Season

by Jules on December 14, 2009

Just chill out this holiday season

If you’re heading off on vacation this Christmas or New Year or are even planning next year’s trip, then follow our tips to keep your stress levels in check and save some money into the bargain;

1. Venture off the beaten track – Yawn! Everyone goes to the Caribbean so why don’t you beat the crowds and go somewhere different for a more unique experience such as Climbing Kilimanjaro or take a Sri Lanka Hill Country Tour.
2. Combine your special occasion with a vacation – Getting married soon? Well if you’re looking for a unique honeymoon and/or wedding package then consider a Tanzania Maasai Wedding and Safari, which effectively is a 3 in 1 bundle of holiday/wedding/honeymoon. Keep it in the back of your mind if you’re popping the question under the mistletoe!
3. Juggle your dates – Flights on actual Christmas day are usually less crowded and cheaper. Use a flight comparison site to see which dates work best for your budget. If you can swap your vacation to earlier in December or wait until a few days into the New Year, then you’ll save loads of money.
4. Get organized – The airports are going to be at their busiest during the holiday season so get super-organized; print your boarding passes in advance, check in online and ensure you have a hotel and/or parking booked.
5. Check the timetables – If your mode of transport over Christmas and New Year is the bus or train, then check the timetables in advance. There could be delays, accidents or maintenance taking place.
6. Timing is everything – Sounds really obvious but always leave enough time to get to the airport – I was driving to the airport in heavy fog last Christmas and what should have been a three hour journey took about seven hours!
7. Go prepared – Take along a good book, magazines and games – If you’re going to waiting around then make it more interesting!
8. Stay at home – If you always go away then why not consider spending the holiday season at home? I’ve been away at Christmas for the last few years and this year I’ll be at home – it’s a great opportunity to catch up with people, watch some TV and films and to eat lots of traditional food and have a few drinks. Get me some stilton and bucks fizz and I’m happy!

Whatever you’re doing this Christmas and New Year – have a great time! Leave us your tips and advice in the comments as well…

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