Are these the 10 most disgusting foods in the world?

by Julia on December 10, 2009

They look so tasty and healthy - yet hide a stinky secret!

Fried tarantulas – Cambodia- Mmm deep fried crunchy tarantulas – the perfect snack!
Cuy (guinea pig) – Peru – Cute and furry and full of protein.
Fugu – Japan – Try this fish if you dare as its poison is fatal unless prepared correctly.
Chicken feet – Worldwide – Popular in Asia, Peru and Jamaica, the trick is to suck the goodness out of the bony feet.
Durian fruit – Southeast Asia – You’ll smell it before you see this stinky prickly fruit and you’ll taste it in every belch and burp for hours!
Hakarl (fermented shark) – Iceland – Fermented for three months and hung for several months – stinky but tasty.
Witchetty grub – Australia – Your choice; alive or cooked? Either way the white moth larvae is packed with protein.
Seagull wine – Arctic Circle – Wash your food down with a tasty wine made from dead seagull which has been left in water and out in the sun.
Scorpions – China, Vietnam – Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – try fried or dipped in chocolate – yum!
Bird’s nest soup – China – Made from actual nests created out of the saliva of cave swifts.

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