Why An African Walking Safari Could Be The Best Holiday Of Your Life

by Julia on October 16, 2009

Amazing, beautiful, captivating Kenya

An African safari promises so much for travelers craving adventure and excitement. Visit the famous National Parks of Kenya including world famous Maasai Mara and Amboseli. Tanzania boasts the National Parks of Serengeti, Arusha and Selous. For something a little different, try a gorilla and chimpanzee safari in Uganda. Read our tour diary of an African walking safari;

“Imagine waking up at the crack of dawn to the sound of a multitude of birds and where the smell of nature tantalizes all of your senses. Savor a hot cup of coffee to get you going before you venture off into the unknown wilderness.

Your experienced game tracker leads you deep into the heart of the bush, carefully making your way through the lush landscapes, pointing out the many signs of wildlife. Spot the tracks of a lion that passed here in the night on a hunt. See elephant tracks – a herd of 10 or more elephants must have been just here – where are they now? And your heart is pumping with excitement and fear! As you move on, you hear the crackle of leaves and there they are, grazing under a grove of sausage trees. You hang back, making sure the wind doesn’t bring the smell of you to them. Just watch and see how they pull the bark from the tree. See the matriarchal mother lead the herd a little further, you creep slowly behind… without breathing.

Your guide tells you many stories of the ways of elephants in their natural environment. You walk a little closer, keeping low and out of sight. Suddenly one looks up and sniffs the air with her long trunk, lets out a long eerie trumpet as she senses the presence of humans. They turn and disappear from sight in seconds. The moment when you know, how small we human are in this wonder of nature.

Just then a troop of baboons appear, picking at the elephant dung for seeds. A flock of crowned cranes fly overhead and land at the edge of a nearby lagoon. A crocodile lunges from the water and sinks below. Two buffalo come down to drink, the crocodile emerges again and they’re off.”

These unique experiences are ideal for wildlife and nature lovers and if this has tempted you, check out the range of exciting and individual Africa adventure holidays on offer.

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