Tips On How To Be An Eco Travel Saint

by Julia on October 19, 2009

Saddle up for an eco friendly holiday!

Following some green and eco holiday and travel tips will not only help the planet but will also help save you some money in the process! Add your own eco holidays tips in the comments;

1. Choose an eco holiday such as those featured on PureTravel.
2. Vacation close to home rather than clocking up the air miles.
3. Choose eco conscious accommodation.
4. Try a volunteer holiday instead and give something back to the local community.
5. Choose nature and landscapes over shopping and city trips.
6. Leave your home in an eco-friendly state when you depart – lights off, heating off, plugs off.
7. Pack smart to save money and fuel.
8. Use local transport on your way to and during your holiday – try the local buses, rail systems etc and get to know the people and destination.
9. Rent bicycles to explore the area.
10. Practise the same eco principles at your accommodation as you would at home, remember to reduce, reuse and recycle.
11. Reuse the same water bottle for the duration of your holiday and refill it as you go along.
12. Take reusable bags with you and use them for shopping trips.
13. Seek out local restaurants which use local produce rather than visiting international chain brands.
14. Shop local and enjoy the local produce.
15. Keep your gifts and souvenirs eco as well, buy something useful and avoid the plastic rubbish.
16. Reuse your accommodation towels for as long as you can to save unnecessary laundering.
17. Wash your clothes on holiday to save taking needless amounts of clothes and save money on hotel dry cleaning.
18. Are your clothes really dirty after just a few hours wearing them? Maybe you can get away with a second wear (second wear on underwear is optional!)
19. Pack a picnic for lunch and head to a local park or green area to enjoy your meal.
20. Minimise the amount of packaging you buy.
21. Clear up after yourself – use local bins provided or take your rubbish home with you.
22. If you’re impressed with anything you come across on holiday then rave about it when you get home and spread the word!

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