Keeping Occupied While Traveling

by Julie on November 6, 2017

 It’s easy to get restless while you are traveling from one location to another. Even if you are heading to a vacation destination, the process of getting there sometimes leaves you a little anxious or bored. To avoid this, you have to have a plan for keeping occupied while traveling. If you have children going with you, then you have to plan for them as well.

A few of the things that you can do to keep your mind working include collecting your thoughts, and then potentially organizing them, and even using that to create a plan for the enjoyment of life. What you don’t want to do that so many people fall into the trap of is just to zone out and let your mind turn into a zombie’s brain.

Collect Your Thoughts

If you are on an airplane or perhaps a train, or even a cruise ship, consider taking the time to collect your thoughts. In other words, do a gentle meditation to see what sorts of random ideas are ping-ponging around inside your brain, and take stock of them. So much of our busy lives don’t let us sit back and think about who we are and what we’re doing -  why not use travel vacation time as a way to tap into this energy flow?

Organize Your Ideas

After your thoughts are collected, then it comes time to organize them. Make sure you have stationery and supplies, and you can do all sorts of physical representations of organizing your ideas. Having index cards, pens, pencils, sticky notes, and other tangible items helps you connect to your thoughts, and then you can shuffle them around and organize them as necessary. Even with all of the digital conveniences that are around, there is something to be said for being able to touch an object and move it.

Create a Plan for Enjoyment of Life

Especially if you’re traveling somewhere you’re taking a vacation, why not think about what it means to enjoy life? How many people or families have you seen that show up at these fantastic, beautiful places and then look like they’re unhappy to be there? Just because you are somewhere lovely doesn’t mean that you are happy, satisfied, or peaceful. Make sure you figure out how to connect those dots in your own life.

Avoid Brain Zombification

People spend a lot of time just zoning out. You can watch a movie to zone out. You can read a book for the fifth time in zone out. You can view daytime TV or the 24-hour news cycle. All of those are ways to so now turned into a zombie. Particularly when it comes to traveling to a new destination, turn off your desire to zone out, and instead tune in to your more private thoughts.


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