The Advantages of Buying a Hymer Motorhome

by Julia on November 2, 2017

Hymer is a brand that has quickly become synonymous with all things motorhomes; from innovative technology to design and the freedom of travelling to new destinations. For someone in the market for a new motorhome, finding the right brand is critical; you want someone you can trust and someone whose reputation precedes them.

Buying a new motorhome is a huge investment, and one that your whole family will hopefully enjoy for years to come. Being able to drive off in your very own home away from home can give you a sense of independence and freedom that you simply don’t get from your usual scheduled holidays. So, where do you start?

Hymer prides itself on quality vehicles, prioritising comfort and safety for all your future travels. One of many motorhome brands prevalent throughout Europe, you’ll find both new and used Hymer motorhomes for sale across the country.

The Hymer Brand

If you haven’t heard of Hymer motorhomes before, the brand strives to set new standards across all areas of motorhoming. With so many different criteria to consider when buying a new motorhome, you want to make sure you start off on the right foot; world-renowned manufacturers such as Hymer, Chausson and Dethleffs are all a strong starting point.

When it comes to Hymer, you should expect high quality every time; but why? What aspects of Hymer help the brand to stand out in the crowd?

Trend-Setting Innovation

Over the decades, Hymer has been the trend-setter in motorhome innovation; shaping the future for other brands too. Features like the fold-down bed and crank skylight are just some examples of that.

With durable bodywork at every motorhome’s core, safety features and travelling comfort follows effortlessly. 90% of furniture parts are made in Hymer’s own factory, cementing the brand’s quality and dedication.

Thinking of every eventuality, Hymer motorhomes are tested for their endurance and performance. Many models, including the Exsis-t, ML-T and T-CL all weight below 3.5 tonnes. This saves you fuel and in some countries it even helps you to avoid higher toll fees. Vehicles of this weight can be driven with a category B license, making life much easier for you, the driver.

Winter Resistance

Travelling isn’t all about the summer months; many families or couples choose to explore new destinations through the cold season too. If your adventures include snowy conditions or sub-zero temperatures, a Hymer motorhomes is the one for you. Factory-fitted with winter-proof features, the pipes and tanks in your Hymer motorhome simply cannot freeze.

Making sure your motorhome is a year-round vehicle, sophisticated heating systems and unique bonding technology are a standard. Everything from the placement of the central heating to winter air vents are carefully thought out, so that you can enjoy your travels comfortably even when it’s freezing outside.

Top safety standards

Driving safety is a huge part of owning a motorhome and within the automotive sector in general. From the body of the vehicle to electronic systems, Hymer motorhomes are equipped with top safety standards to ensure driving is safer and easier.

Safety systems within the motorhomes prevent skidding or swerving, as well as preventing the wheels from jamming up. Advanced systems can even ensure driving in mountainous areas or uphill and downhill areas are easier. Features such as panoramic windscreens and hill holder assist mean that Hymer motorhomes are a breeze to manoeuvre.

Modern Fundamentals

Of course, everyone wants a motorhome that’s going to be comfortable and provide that perfect home away from home. As our demands for comfort and even luxury increase, features such as storage compartments, advanced fabrics and spacious bathrooms become a given.

Hymer motorhomes include power saving lighting, ergonomically-designed kitchens and modern bed options, so that you can relax while you’re exploring your latest destination.

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