5 Camping Hacks That Will Help You Pack Like A Pro for Yosemite

by Julia on November 6, 2017

Find the perfect spot, pitch a tent, start a fire, and pack a cooler: these are the basic steps to building the perfect camping foundation. If you’re headed to Yosemite National Park where over 800 miles of trails await you, the only thing that’s left is to prepare your backpack and decide where you want to camp. Plenty of camping spots at Yosemite Creek that will take you from tourist spots to bumpy roads. So how do you know which tips are more effective than the other? Here are the best 5 camping hacks that will help you pack like a pro.

Do your Research Beforehand

It is important to understand the location of the camping spot and the rules that apply. Yosemite Creek offers 75 sites for tents, which provides a great option if you want to take a dip nearby. Find a location that is on open land and avoid areas that are highly populated with animals. While it is a huge bonus to spot wildlife during your trip, you do not want to interfere with their natural habitat.

Get the Right Gear

Planning to spend a few days out in the wilderness requires plenty of preparation and gear? It is important to pack specifically for the environment of where you intend to camp. Yosemite can get cold at night as the temperature drops into the low 30s during the months of July and August. Pack layers of clothing and choose the right outdoor blankets to keep you warm. An appropriate mix of fabrics will play a strong role in bringing you comfort during the trip.

Turn Water into Light

Lanterns are great for keeping your campsite well-lit throughout the night. However, they can become extremely bright or even too expensive. For a soft, multi-purpose source of light, attach a headlamp to a water jug. Keep the headlamp pointed towards the water for a luminescent light all night long.

Pre-Pack Your Meals

When it comes to cooking during a trip, some individuals prefer to have more easy recipes with minimal cooking requirements. However, cooking the same meals every day can get boring. Packing your food items ahead of time will create versatility and save you time for other enjoyable activities.  Most camps have a meal tent where you can purchase food instead.

Prepare For the Bites

Mosquitos are one of the most common realities that campers face out in the wilderness. Even with the most effective mosquito repellants, it is always a good idea to prepare for the worst. Eventually, someone is going to end up with a bite or two. Opt for natural remedies that are more effective, if not better than store-bought products. Using essential oils such as lemon, citrus, and peppermint will treat and prevent mosquito bites. Witch hazel will also reduce the pain and swelling that comes with an itchy bug bite.

The best hack to camping like a pro is to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Aim to reduce all your items to what you need for the trip. Choose items that provide more than one purpose and take advantage of what limited space you have.

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