My Experience of Same Day Taj Mahal Tour of India by LIH

by Julia on July 30, 2020

The Taj Mahal is a perfect example of beauty and art, which took more than 22 years and 20000 workers to come to reality. And by listening to all these things, I always wondered what it would feel like to visit this phenomenal architecture on our own. Whenever I searched for India tourism, there is not a single time that it didn’t show the Taj Mahal tour and because of this reason, I decided that whenever I go for a holiday, it will be a Taj Mahal tour.

The Tajmahal

 And when I finally decided to plan my dream holiday to this artwork, I took the help of the internet to find a travel agent. Over the internet I found Leisure Indian Holidays- the best luxury tour operator in India which offered the ideal Taj Mahal Tour that I was looking for. When I checked the itinerary details and the accommodations they were included in the package, I was surprised by the detailing that was included in the package. And I chose LIH as my travel agent for the Luxury Taj Mahal Tour of India.

Taj Mahal has a beautiful History

 The Taj Mahal of India is a fairy-tale experience which one must go through in their lifetime. Situated on the bank of river Yamuna, Taj Mahal is one of the most popular tourist’s spots of India and one of the seven wonders of the world. A majestic Mughal monument made by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in the late 16th century, it is a tomb which holds the body of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Bano. This monument is a symbol of love which Shah Jahan eternalized for his wife.

Tajmahal Tour By LIH

 Here in this article, I will share with you all my experience of the Taj Mahal Tour that I opted for my dream vacation and all the details of my itinerary with you all.

My experience of Same Day Taj Mahal Tour of India

After browsing the google when I saw Leisure Indian Holidays as the best travel agency for luxury Taj Mahal Tour India, I saw their website and a wide range of packages offered by them for local as well as international tourists. I was stunned by watching the variety and quality packages that they provided, and so I called them to book the travel set that I liked- Same Day Taj Mahal Tour. This package was just the same as what I needed in my holiday plus the package also offered luxurious stays in royal hotels of Oberoi.

And I can undoubtedly say that my experience of the Taj Mahal tour by Leisure Indian Holidays was full of entertainment, excitement and luxury. Not only did I get to know my dream location better but I enjoyed each and every details of the package including transportation facilities as well. As a traveller, the one thing that matters to me the most is hotel stays and accommodation. But as LIH tours and travellers offer all their customer’s luxurious experience and accommodation throughout the journey, my query was also resolved.

It was time to start my journey after I took the flight to Delhi from my hometown, which was managed by my travel agent only.

Day 1: The start of my dream vacation

After I landed at Delhi International Airport early in the morning, my travel guide was already there to pick me up at the airport and take me to the city of Agra where I will be visiting the Taj Mahal for the first time. There was a luxurious and sporty SUV standing with a professional driver to take me from Delhi to Agra by a road journey of approximately 2 hours.

During my road trip, the driver shared with me the story of how Taj Mahal came into existence and about other things related to it. I really enjoyed my road journey as the roads were beautiful, which I enjoyed in a comfortable and classy car.

Moment of lifetime: Visit to the Taj Mahal.

Here I was in the city of Mughals- Agra and about to start my Same day Taj Mahal tour. As I entered Agra, the driver dropped me at a location where my guide was already present to pick me for my day too. I was impressed by the professionalism and gestures of my travel agent for their customers.

 Visit to the Taj Mahal

It was the time I was about to see the dream destination of my life- the Taj Mahal. After my guide did all the formalities we entered by a big gate to the unique Mughal architecture- the Taj Mahal. I was stunned by the beauty of the place and with the detailing given to each and every section or part of the monument. My guide took me to all the famous spots and also shared the stories behind.

After spending two hours adoring the site, clicking pictures and enjoying views, we took a leave from the place.

Lunch in a lavish restaurant

 After such an exerting experience, it was apparent to get hungry and tired. My agent took me to an amazing and royal Mughal restaurant of Agra that was famous for their delicious cuisines and sweets all over the city. The hotel staff and survive was remarkable, and the food was undoubtedly the best. Thanks to LIH, I get to experience all the things.

 Another visit : Agra Fort

During my road journey, my driver told me that Agra is not only famous for the Taj Mahal, but it also offers several other phenomenal attractions in which one was Agra Fort. I decided that I will visit Agra Fort in the second half of the day and so my guide took me to the place.

Agra Fort is also a Mughal- architecture built by Mughal Emperor Akbar and one of the most popular tourist spots of Agra. Created by the unique sandstone artwork, I spent hours in Agra Fort as it had several highlights like mosques, Mughal serene palaces and a lot more.

My day tour guide told me fascinating stories about how Agar Fort was built and how it became a famous tourist spot of Agra.

Bye-bye to Agra

Agra Fort

 As the day passed by, the time to say goodbye to the city came closer, which made me filled with happiness but sorrow as well. My agent took me to my luxurious car, which was waiting for me to take me back to Delhi. While I was returning to Delhi, I realised that this city is also an excellent destination for tourism and I thought it would be great to have a Delhi vacation the next time.

I came back to Delhi to catch the return flight to my hometown with so many memories and experiences with myself.

What is the best time for an India tour?

As per my experience, I can say that winters are the best season to visit India and Taj Mahal as the temperature is not so high and low and ranges around 15-25 degree celsius which makes it perfect for day-tour. The sun seems pleasant, and the breezy winds throughout the day make you feel alive.

What are the opening hours for Taj Mahal

Before going for the Taj Mahal tour, make sure that you know about the timing and entrance fees as well for a better travel experience. The time slots for visiting the Taj Mahal is 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day. You can also enjoy the night view, which is only allowed during the full moon and two days before and after that.

In Conclusion

I’m so grateful that I opted for Leisure Indian Holidays as my travel agent and took their package to complete my dream holiday. They not only took care of all my needs and requirements but provided quality services and accommodations. The packages offered by LIH are so budget-friendly that I didn’t have to think twice for the money to be given for my journey. I give LIH Tours and Travels the best reviews and recommend every tourist to opt LIH as their travel agent.

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