Five Reasons to visit Miami Beach’s The Standard hotel and spa on your next vacation

by Julia on July 30, 2020

The summer heat is raging outside and you’ve been cooped up inside for far too long. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while—but especially right now. While current circumstances may render taking a vacation at the moment impractical, it never hurts to plan ahead. Why not take a trip to the lush Miami Beach hotel and spa, The Standard? As one of the hottest destinations around Florida, The Standard plays host to an array of events, meetings, ancient bathing traditions, communal yoga and more. It has everything a weary traveler could want or need!

When selecting a hotel for your trip, staying safe while travelling is a high priority. Finding a safe place to relax and have fun can be a bit painful at times, but destinations like The Standard are ideal for finding exactly that. Here are five reasons to consider planning your next trip to one of the hottest Miami Beach hotels around: The Standard hotel and spa in Miami Beach, FL.

5. They take COVID-19 safety seriously

Some of the biggest concerns most folks have when travelling right now are likely related to COVID-19. To ease these concerns, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued several guidelines for safe travel in the United States. There are numerous ways to stay safe while vacationing. The Standard Miami beach hotel treats the threat of COVID-19 and your safety with the utmost seriousness. Per their COVID-19 re-opening guidelines, the hotel staff will consistently clean and sanitize all the public areas of the hotel on top of using a UV-C light in conjunction with sanitation sprays to stay ahead of the virus as much as possible. Expect clean facilities, markers for proper social distancing and frequent cleaning of door handles/high-traffic surfaces.

The Standard is proactive with staff temperature checks and training, along with providing ample supplies of personal protective equipment for both staff and guests. Masks, hand sanitizer and plenty of information are available at all times and with The Standard’s concept of Standard Time—a service that lets you choose your check-in/check-out times—you can expect a vacation compatible with your safety needs.

4. Spectacular food offerings provide plenty of delicious options for any diet

By the time you reach your destination, you’re probably ready to eat. The Standard offers fantastic dining options for the weary traveller. Enjoy dining on Japanese-inspired culinary options at Lido Bayside Grill, prepared with locally sourced and fresh ingredients.  After dinner, check out the Lido Bar and Lounge to get a drink, play some games and kickback. There’s even a quiet spot for casual dining on the terrace with a juice cafe, perfect for resting, grabbing a snack or indulging in a refreshing cold-pressed juice drink.

3. The rooms are lush and designed with relaxation in mind

Rooms at The Standard are the ideal blend of restful atmosphere and relaxing amenities suited to your needs. All rooms have fresh linen and the standard amenities you’d find in a hotel, but each room style possesses a unique attribute depending on your relaxation needs: Standard Medium and Standard Large are typical spa rooms, while Garden Medium and Garden Large offer hydrotherapy and semi-private outdoor terraces. The next levels up are Bath Terrace Medium, Large and Extra Large, all of which have a private outdoor terrace, a hot tub, a spa rain shower and a comfortable bed. The Bay View Suite has everything the other rooms offer, but comes with an amazing view of Biscayne Bay. Check out The Standard Miami Beach hotel home page for more information about specific room size and style.

2. A strong selection of diverse entertainment options awaits you

There’s nothing worse than being bored while you’re on vacation. Luckily, The Standard has you covered. Scheduled entertainment options include happy hour, DJ’d parties and water-biking, while the Standard Sounds program provides specialty radio shows, a mix of cultural audio and curated live music unique to each hotel. If specialty audio isn’t your thing, games are available in the bar and lounge.

1. The Standard is a therapeutic paradise

The Standard is home to numerous hydrotherapy gardens and often used as a training facility by top yogis from around the world. The hotel offers a wide variety of skin and nail care regimes, along with unique combination cures that can be anything from performing ancient bathing rituals to getting a yoga massage. The massage therapy at The Standard is loved and recommended by many visitors and with an 18+ age requirement, it’s the perfect retreat for weary adults. With all the amenities available at The Standard Miami Beach Hotel and Spa make it the perfect way to spend a post-pandemic vacation.

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