What it is like to rent a car in Montenegro

by Julia on July 27, 2020

7 reasons why you want to rent a car in Montenegro

  • Montenegro is a marvelous country for independent travel, there are a lot of interesting places, natural attractions, luxurious sights. Here, you can find the sea, mountains, canyons, and lots of parks. There is an enormous amount of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • However you need to realize that the roads are not perfect, but they are of good quality. There are way too many serpentines and it might be tricky for inexperienced drivers.

  • The traffic rules are simple, understandable, and do not differ much from the rest of the world.

  • Pretty acceptable price of rent a car in Montenegro in comparison with other countries

  • Low deposits for a car (or their complete absence). Quite a low cost of gasoline (by European standards) – approximately 1.23 euros for the 95th and 1.19 euros for a diesel (at the beginning of 2019)

  • The country itself is relatively small, visit literally everything during your vacation, in about like 5 days.

  • You can go to neighboring countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia (if you have a visa), Albania, Serbia, etc.

For a purely beach holiday, I personally would choose another country, because the beaches here are not the best, average service for a fairly high fee. But nature here is gorgeous! Having a car, it is not necessary for you to book a hotel right next to the sea, you can save a lot of money by booking an apartment somewhere near Sveti Stefan, with a gorgeous view of this beautiful island, the sea, and Budva. Yes, it takes about 5 minutes to get to the beach from here by car, but in the morning you wake up in a great mood and enjoy a beautiful view from the terrace, and in the evening it is pleasant to dine on the same terrace and admire the sunset, and before dinner, also take a dip in pool in your hotel. If you have a car, you do not depend on anyone and are freer in your movements. You can create routes that you like!


5 amazing nuances you need to know about car rental services in Montenegro

  1.  For example, if you want to rent a car in Montenegro for a better price, then book a car online in advance – at least 2-3 months before your vacation. For example, rent a car in Kotor would be 2x times cheaper in March than in June.

  2. Rent a car for a couple of days at once. The longer the rental period, the lower the cost of the car per day. It is profitable to rent a car for at least 3 days, and the most favorable prices and discounts start from 7 days of rent. For example, at the “Myrentacar.com” company, when renting for 8 days or longer, the delivery of a car to any city in Montenegro is free. This is how I ordered a car with free delivery to the airport of Podgorica. Usually delivery to Podgorica costs 25 euros.

  3. If you want to save money, choose the engine with up to 1.2L. Yes, you will not be able to get to 100km/h in 5 seconds but do not spend a lot of money on gasoline, and it is expensive in Montenegro – 1.15 euros / liter.

  4. Despite the allowed amount of alcohol, it is better not to drink while driving. If an accident occurs, and the inspector indicates that alcohol was found in the driver’s blood, then the insurance company may refuse to return your money.

  5. Do not park anywhere you like. If you are parking along a street, check for a sign that says that it is paid parking slot. Do not try to save a few Euros with a thought “nothing will happen in five minutes.” This does not work in Montenegro. Montenegrins are very fond of a tow truck. In my presence, the municipal police drove up with a tow truck to load the car from a place for the disabled. Paid parking is always cheaper than a tow truck.

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