Travel to Turkey Post Covid-19

by Julia on July 27, 2020

Turkey’s reputation as one of the best tourist destinations and even one of the best places to get a surgical procedure has been negatively influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of people get their hair transplant surgery in Turkey because of its reputation for high-quality procedures at affordable prices.

However, since the Covid-19 pandemic started, there have been fewer travel plans to get surgery in Turkey. Regardless, Turkey is still one of the biggest tourism destinations, and even in the face of the pandemic the world has been dealing with in the past months, travelling to Turkey is still very possible as long as the traveller takes the right precautions. Patients visiting Turkey or the UK on medical tourism will have the opportunity to get tested for Covid-19, for free.

Also, travelling on medical tourism to Turkey now requires you to take a number of safety steps:


Hotels pose a very great risk of the spread of the coronavirus as infected surfaces, and infectious droplets from others can lead to the virus’s spread. Based on this, you will be required to get a certification, which proves that the hotel is adhering to pandemic rules.

Transfer Cars

All transfer cars have physical measures to be strictly practised to make sure that the risk of Covid-19 is greatly reduced.

For starters, the driver and passenger compartments of the car are especially separated to ensure distance. Also, mask boxes are provided in the car for both the guest and the driver. This is in addition to the fact that all cars are disinfected as well as cleaned on a daily basis so you can be sure that you’re safe plus, gloves boxes are provided.

Passenger Carrying Process

Social distancing rules will be strictly observed between the driver and the guest as the driver opens the passenger door. Passengers will also be required to place their luggage in the compartment created for that, and on the event that the driver has to help, the passenger has to get in the car first to ensure distancing.

A 50% passenger rule applies in the passenger-carrying process, and all guests who are Covid-19 suspects will be immediately transferred to the Transport Pandemic manager, who will be informed right away.


All flights have safety precaution rules which passengers are expected to obey strictly.

First, all passengers will be required to wear masks or risk being denied access. In addition, passengers will have to fill an information form and undergo medical examinations. Any symptomatic people will be tested. In the event that a passenger turns out positive, they will be treated.

COVID-19 Measures in the Terminal Area

In the terminal area, passengers must also wear a mask both in the terminal and onboard. Additionally, if you do not have essential accompaniments, you will not be allowed access to the terminal.

At the terminal, contactless security measures have been put in place to make sure of passenger safety. And to ensure even more safety, all passengers will have their body temperatures checked by a thermal camera screening at the terminal entrance.

These are apart from the fact every luggage will be passed through an X-ray and sanitized using UV (ultraviolet) light.

All passengers have access to hand sanitizers from the moment they enter the terminal building whose moving walkways are cleaned regularly with a UV (ultraviolet) system. What’s more? UV autonomous robotic cleaners are used to clean the terminal building so you can rest assured of safety.

Also, in the face of all the social distancing measures put in place, the 14 days quarantine rule has been removed between UK and Turkey so you can now easily travel to Turkey for your hair transplant surgeries and any medical procedures.

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