Ingenious Camping Hacks Every Camper Should Know

by Julia on July 16, 2020

We are all caught up in our daily activities and sometimes need a break to reflect and spend more time with our loved ones. We have become so dependent on the perks that come with the city life that we forget what it feels like to connect with nature. And if you dread camping for personal reasons, do not worry, this guide has you covered on ways you can enjoy a camping trip as a savvy serial camper. You should try some of the tips in this guide on your next trip.

How Can I Enjoy Camping Like An Expert Camper?

Many of us do dream of a weekend getaway from the hustles and bustles of the noisy city. It is an opportunity for us to self-reflect, enjoy those little moments life provides, and connect more with our environment. Sometimes, campers may wonder about the best way to improve their camping experiences.


We can not undermine the importance of location. This is one feature that determines the success of one’s vacation or weekend getaway. To get the best campsite, you can:

  • Get suggestions from family and friends that have enjoyed camping in the past, and still do.

  • Checkout various campground websites and their reviews.

  • Get more information by scheduling a call with the campground officials.

Once you have found the ideal campground for your trip, check for availability. Campgrounds get busier at certain times of the year. Hence, you may have to book in advance.

Camping Gear

Your camping gear is an integral part of the trip. You wouldn’t want to leave any essential item behind. Having a camping gear checklist helps organize camping kits. Some of the best camping kits can be found here: Over there, you will find various items, such as tents, sleeping bags/mats, cooking utensils, rucksacks, and other accessories.

Having a big tent can make camping more comfortable for campers. If you to purchase one, ensure that it has a capacity rating of two persons more than the number of campers with you. For example, if you are to camp with three other people, get a tent that accommodates 6 people.

Activity Itinerary

Camping exceeds pitching your tent and enjoying grilled BBQ. There are tons of activities waiting for you out there. Such trips provide a great time to swim, hike, fish, boat, and bike with family and friends. The memories from such camping adventures will forever remain in your heart, even when you are back to your daily routine. Spend time to dig into your campground and enjoy all the amenities it provides.

Camping also provides an ideal avenue to connect with other campers. Often, people build new and strong relationships while camping. Some of these campsites have limited or no reception, so you just have to let go of your devices and meet new faces. Enjoy spontaneous moments catching the sunset with other campers, playing frisbee with your new buddies, or have a cold beer with the boys by the campfire.

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