Traveling Around Vietnam By Motorbike – Why Not?

by Julia on July 7, 2020

What’s interesting about traveling by motorbike? Well, it is when a  motorbike can move your body and your soul at the same time. It makes you feel that you can conquer the roads from the moment you get on the back of the motorbike and take a ride. With the riders, the experience, not the destination, can bring them joy!

A Detailed Plan For Travelling Around Vietnam By Motorbike

6 days in Northern Vietnam

Let’s rent a good bike in Hanoi and start from the North which offers breathtaking landscapes. There are many mountainous passes here for you to conquer too. Are you feeling eager to see them? Let’s get started!

  • Ha Giang

People say that Ha Giang is beautiful because of its flowers. That may be right! Yellow mustard, white plum, and purple buckwheat flowers take turns to paint Ha Giang with colorful dots on the green background from the mountains. They together create the most stunning picture ever!

And, a real adventurer never misses Ma Pi Leng. Just imagine when the cliff is on your left, the abyss is on your right and you are on a motorbike to conquer them! How amazing that is!

  • Sapa

Let us describe Sapa in some phrases: full of sceneries, tons of festivals, and thousands of things to do. That explains the reason why millions of people gravitate towards the city of fog every year. Sapa is also a good choice for experiencing because it reflects the typical mountainous culture in Vietnam.

If you stop at Sapa, let’s challenge yourself by climbing the roof of Indochina- Fansipan. You will never forget it for sure!

  • Hanoi

The capital of Vietnam must be on the list. Hanoi is truly a combination of classical and modern styles. You can see ancient imprints such as Ngoc Son or Quoc Tu Giam Temple and you can also witness the dynamic pace of life here.

Don’t leave Hanoi without dropping by handicraft villages. Traveling around Vietnam is also about exploring its culture, right? Search for them and you will see how Vietnamese people make a living.

  • Halong Bay

It is not easy to be recognized by UNESCO as a natural heritage twice. Yet Halong Bay has done it!

The sea here is different from other places because it reflects the colors of the bays and the sky. Look for a picture of Halong Bay on the Internet and that is exactly the way it looks in real life.

4 days in Central Vietnam

Now, move down to the Central. Let’s have a look at some interesting stops on your motorbike.

  • Da Nang

Welcome to the biggest city in Central Vietnam! You know what, Da Nang only became popular a few years ago but it has proven its influence in a short time. That makes sense. Da Nang has beaches, trees, fresh air, and magnificent structures such as Ba Na hill or Golden Bridge. Not to mention the hospitality and civilization of the local people. Such a perfect city!

  • Hue

Three centuries ago, Hue was once the capital of Vietnam. Therefore, people often call this city the Ancient Capital. Thousand years passed; Hue still retains its ancient and glorious history.

Talking about Hue, we have to mention the peaceful Huong River, the magnificent Hue Citadel, the majestic Thien Mu Pagoda, and the indispensable image of Hue: Trang Tien Bridge.

If tranquillity shakes you, visit Hue!

  • Hoi An

If the romance of Hue still imprints in your head, Hoi An with the ancient beauty is where you cannot miss. This ancient town always gives travelers a sense of elegance and simplicity.

Hoi An is made up of old houses on both sides of the road and a river flowing between. If you have the opportunity, come here on the full moon day. Families will turn off the lamps and light the lanterns. You can release lotus lanterns on the river to pray and wish. Sounds interesting, right?

  • Da Lat

Now comes the most favorite destination in Vietnam. Travelers give Da Lat different names such as “eternal spring”, “Paris of Vietnam”, “city of flowers”,  or “dream city”. Dubbed as the “city of thousand flowers”, Da Lat leaves tourists in awe with a variety of gorgeous flowers blooming all year round.

The pass to Da Lat will delight you. Traveling back and forth for tourist destinations will also challenge your driving skills.

5 days in Southern Vietnam

Fill your tank up! We are going to the South of Vietnam.

  • Ho Chi Minh

This is the busiest city in Vietnam. The best way to explore this city is to ride your motorbike along Saigon streets, try a cup of morning coffee in the park and observe how this bustling city looks like. The Pearl of the Far East is right in front of your eyes.

  • Mekong Delta

Do you want to enjoy the countryside of Vietnam? The Mekong Delta is what we recommend.

Here, you will have a chance to ride your motorbike on the road along the river, row a boat, and fish. Also, nowhere can the fruits fill your stomach like here. The alluvial deposits make up this region so the soil here is extremely fertile. It raised the gardens and brought food to the people here.

  • Phu Quoc Island

Do not say you are traveling around Vietnam without visiting Phu Quoc. It is recognized as the pearl island of Vietnam and it deserves that name. The water here is so clear that you can see fish swimming below. Green forests, white clouds, and cool streams further enhance the beauty of this island.

Traditional jobs are fishing, making fish sauce, and growing pepper. Instead of looking for something new, local people still maintain them. Try it once or you will regret it!

In Conclusion

How can you stay in one place but still see the world? That is when you sit on the saddle of your motorbike.

Traveling Vietnam by motorbike is not hard if you are willing to do it. Vietnam is still a mysterious country if you just sit in the corner of your house to watch TV about it. The article is clear enough to prove how beautiful this country is. Find your place, please. Let Vietnam be uncovered by your thirst for adventures. Vietnam is ready. How about you?

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