Can I rent a Lamborghini in Dubai?

by Julia on July 7, 2020

Renting a car in Dubai goes a long way to ease the difficulties of moving around the city, and is far from being a problematic process. It is better now that most processes are online. So, if you are in Dubai and need to rent a high-end car and not a regular one, you have a variety to choose from – some of which you will see later in this article. Moreover, if you are new in Dubai and do not know any car rental company or need to compare brands of cars and their rates, checking out car rentals online should be the next thing for you to do.

You can rent a car for driving around the city for only a few hours to a whole day or days at a time. You could also want to explore neighboring cities and take a road trip in your rented car. Whichever you do, have in mind that different purposes require different types of cars, and when renting a car, if you are not sure what type to get, you could talk to the car rental company for an idea on what type of car you would be needing for what you want to do or where you want to go.

Another thing is to find out if you can use your local driving license, or if perhaps, you would need to obtain an international driving license. You do not want to rent a car and have to return it because you do not have the correct license to drive in Dubai.

Lastly, before you take that car, make sure to find out from the car rental company the state of their car license. Check for the cruise control feature, as well as the GPS tracker.

Even though in the case of renting a high-end car, you do not have much of these to worry about – because these are not cheap cars, and they have many more features that are usually intact.


It is commonplace to be seen driving a luxury car in Dubai nowadays. Thanks to car rental companies that deal in renting high-end cars at reasonable prices.

Dubai happens to be one of the major cities in the world that tourists want to visit. Many of them just want to have a great time, see and be in beautiful places. Sightseeing and doing enjoyable things during their trip that they most likely do not regularly do. Among other fun things like shopping, visiting amazing tourist attraction spots and so on, one of the beautiful places and enjoyable things that they would like to do is be in a fancy car and drive around the beautiful city of Dubai.

Car rental companies know that some people need to ride in high-end cars. This could be to attend business functions when they are on a business trip in Dubai. On the other hand, they may need to go to certain fancy events. They would rather ride in something fancier and even have it chauffeur driven, because of their status. Hence, the car rentals make provision for a range of luxury cars. They can choose from their collection, and even provide chauffeur driven ones.

Car rental companies are also aware of the need of tourists to ride in a fancy car. Be it just for the fun of it as part of their holiday experience. They offer various brands of luxury cars like Bentleys, Limousines, Porches, Lamborghinis, and the likes, at relatively affordable rates.

You can get to rent a high-end car for between $200 and $1,000 for a whole day. There are also options to avail car rentals for a few hours a day. If you are renting it for weekly/monthly, then you can get even cheaper rentals for the day.


If you thought that you could not get a high-end car like a Lamborghini for rent in Dubai, or that you could not afford it, you thought wrong. Lamborghinis and many other high-end cars are available for rent from car rental companies, at affordable rates.


There is no rule that says that you cannot rent a Lamborghini in Dubai. If you can afford it then you should go for it. As much as there are not such rules, there still is a clause to renting a Lamborghini in Dubai. You have to be 25 years old. If you are a little younger than 25, you will have to pay a little extra.

You may also need to send pictures of your papers and your credit card. The car rental company can then verify your status in the city.


If what you are used to riding in are high-end cars like Lamborghinis, you have nothing to worry about when you get to Dubai, because you are sure to get a wide array of high-end cars for rent, from Lamborghinis to Ferraris and the likes.

In case you are not a millionaire and not used to riding in a Mercedes Benz, don’t worry. You still can rent a Lamborghini in Dubai for less than $100/ hour. With this, have fun, take nice pictures, and feel good!

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