5 Must-Have Tools For All Business Travelers

by Julia on July 1, 2020

Business travel is a crucial element for every successful entrepreneur. I admit that business travel has its perks, but packing the essential stuff from this experience is another story. You have to be conscious of what to take and what to leave. And in this dilemma, there are high chances that you will leave out some necessary things or gadgets. In this article, I have mentioned some highly useful items that will help you stand out in your meetings and allow you to perform all tasks elegantly in a foreign land.

Lanyards and brouches

In this digitalized age, one may consider lanyards as something outdated, but they are still trending owing to their usefulness. In highly equipped hotels nowadays, you are provided with a card that serves as a key to your hotel room. One thing you don’t want is rummaging through your pocket again and again to find it. So hang it in your lanyard for easy access. Also, you can keep your car keys within your reach. A customized lanyard with your company name imprinted on it also serves as a promotional tool for your clients. With a lanyard holding your company card helps you stand out as your firm’s representative. It would help if you were sure about the quality of your lanyard, as a pried or split lanyard with poor material can ruin your personality’s prestige. I would recommend that you opt for some renowned brands like 4inlanyards for your usage.

Solar chargers

When on a business trip, you have to prepare yourself for unprecedented situations. One thing you don’t want is to be lost in a foreign land with your phone dead. These are the circumstances you can’t afford as you have to meet your client and being late or unresponsive to calls or texts is equivalent to being unprofessional. So to avoid such miserable circumstances, you should buy a portable solar charger. The solar charger is a marvelous instrument that is employed for charging batteries and mobile phones. The charges use solar energy to charge devices. With a wide range of benefits, a solar charger is a must to have for you.

Google maps

While traveling to foreign lands you are obviously not quite familiar with the roads and places. So, here comes the need for a travel guide. But in business travel, you can’t go through these unnecessary hassles. So a google map is here. All you need to have is an active internet connection to know your way through the ambiguous roads. With google maps, you can also familiarize yourself with your meeting places and other nearby attractions beforehand.

Google translator

Imagine you have a meeting with some foreign clients that speak some foreign language. Now you have to face the hassle of a paid translator or another way to communicate with them. You don’t want to lose your potential clients owing to your language issues. Once again, Google has solved this dilemma by introducing a google translate app. With this app, you can understand and communicate with your clients. All your clients have to do is speak in the mic, and the phrases will be translated into your language. The same happens to your clients.

A travel purse to keep your things organized

A travel purse is a must to have, especially if you have to roam around the city to meet your clients. The bag should be large enough to accommodate your laptop, files, and other accessories. Also, opt for a lightweight, high-quality backpack that you can carry for an extended period. The quality of the bag is a crucial element. You don’t want your bag to be split open while carrying out your laptop and other gadgets. It will ruin your reputation, and clients will not consider your presentation worthy.

Airbolt for added security

Airbolt is a gadget that trims down your security risks as it provides an excellent lock to your luggage. Now with highly advanced airbolts, you don’t have to worry about forgetting your luggage lock combination. This smart travel lock can be controlled with the aid of a smartphone. Moreover, with customizable security settings, there are plenty of ways to open the lock, which only you know about. Also, you can set the alarm for the luggage when it moves far away from your phone. This provides added protection from thieves and pickpockets. If you have misplaced your bag, then you can conveniently track it through GPS. What if you have lost your phone? You can unlock it through other devices with back up and the traditional lock at the bolt’s back.

Always keep the flash drive with you

Backups are crucial for every presentation as unprecedented situations may arrive at any instant. First of all, create a backup from all of our files and displays in your flash drive. Then keep the flash drive in your luggage or any other easily accessible place where you can avail it conveniently. It is advisable to buy a flash drive with keyholder features. Thus you can also hang it in your lanyard along with your hotel card. Therefore in case of any mishap, you can use it quickly.

Innovative technology is the cornerstone of the travel industry without which it can’t function. So you have to keep track of the latest technology updates to check out the recent progress that is there to make your travel experience more practical and convenient to accomplish. With highly advanced technology, business travelers can save most of their time spent on bookings. With innovative gadgets like mobile phones, apps, instant messaging platforms, conference organizing apps, travel blogs, and business travelers, they are at ease when it comes to foreign travel.

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