How can I apply for ETA Canada from the USA?

by Julia on June 26, 2020

Before heading on with the topic, it will be better if we explore the term ETA because it is not exactly what it sounds. There are several things that a common man still needs to know about ETA Canada because as per observation those who know are not quite sure about it. This lack of confidence is maybe because of its newness or the tendency to stay in the conventions, whatever it is, let us start and explore.

What is an ETA?

The term ETA is the short version of the terms of Electronic travel authorization. It is a sort of ticket and approval by the Canadian government. Anyone who has not got a visa or does not want to apply for a visa can carry on his tours to Canada through ETA.

The reason for calling it electronic travel authorization is the linkage of your passport with the Canadian officials. Once you have got an ETA Canada, you can pass through the Canadian airports without having a Visa.

Is ETA for extended stays?

Unfortunately, the current situations do not allow longer stays in the Canadian states through an ETA. For instance, if a visitor is planning to stay on in Canada for longer than six months, they would not be fortunate enough to get an ETA, they will instead have to apply for a regular visa.

Is it reasonable to have an ETA?

If you are an American national and need to visit your friends and family after every few weeks in Canada, then getting an ETA would save you a lot of your time. No rushes to the embassies and no filling of the forms. Times have changed, and now, following the trends are the only way to stay in safe heavens. So, let us step back to the topic, if you think that you would have to travel back and forth to Canada then ETA is the best opportunity you can ever avail.

The best thing about the ETA is its validity for five years, which is more than a frequent visitor would need. You do not need to get a new ETA as long as your passport is acceptable and legal. For a new passport, you will have to apply for a new ETA.

How would you apply for an ETA?

Let us have a look at the method for applying for ETA Canada.

1. Get your passport

 A valid passport is the first step for getting an ETA Canada, contact your state’s passport offices, and provide the required documents. Getting a passport is not a complicated process, and the entire process would take up almost 15 days if you have provided all the details and documents in one go. Make sure that you have not misinformed the authorities; otherwise, your passport will not be approved by the state.

2. An e-mail

A responsible citizen would not use more than one e-mail account for official works while you are applying for a visa you need to provide only that e-mail account that has been registered with your state. Otherwise, the authorities will not consider you as a reliable candidate.

3. Pay the fee

The last step of this process is to pay its processing fee, which is quite cheap, and anyone can afford it. It is only 7 Canadian dollars. I do not think only seven bucks would be a burden on your pocket. Here, you should determine the route of payment, it will be an online payment, and you should always pick up a reliable way.

4. wait for the confirmation e-mail

The registration process will merely take a few minutes, and once the authorities have acknowledged your request, they will send you a confirmation e-mail that will carry a link for the application form. Click on that magical link, and you are ready to share your details.

5. Upload the required data and wait for approval

The last step is uploading your documents; this would include a scanned photo of your passport, ID, and a photo. That is, it, now wait for the approval e-mail. The Canadian authorities approve it within 72 hours; this means it would be great if you start the registration process at least five days before your flight.

What to do after I have applied for ETA Canada?

Whenever your application for ETA Canada gets approved, you will get a number, that would probably be your registration number. You should keep that e-mail and take a screenshot of that as well. Now, congrats, your passport has been electronically synchronized with the ETA authorities. For further queries, you may check on the official website of the Canadian government.

Whenever you pass the Canadian airport, you will only have to provide your passport, and the airport authorities will scan your passport to confirm that you have a valid ETA. Then they would stamp your passport, and you are all set to breathe as a legal, lawful citizen in Canada.

A few more relevant facts

  • ETA Canada is not for everybody. Only those people can apply for ETA Canada, who have signed an agreement with the Canadian visa authorities.

  • Another primary requirement for ETA Canada is to have a clear record safe from any sort of criminal activity.

  • The applicant must have a stable tie offshore, which means that he is living a financially secure life. Here, your income matters a great deal.

  • An applicant must have enough money to bear the expenses of his stay in Canada, it would sound like a strict rule, but the policy has been made while keeping in view the weakest link of the society.


ETA Canada is the easiest way of traveling to Canada. There is no doubt those people whose countries have collaborated with Canada for ETA, are the luckiest frequent travelers ever. ETA Canada is a safe, secure, fast, and reliable way of getting approval for traveling to Canada.

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