Why You Need To Go Glamping In Wye Valley

by Julia on June 16, 2020

Camping is an experience that many people love, but with the less-than-ideal bathroom situations, the small tents and the uncomfortable sleeping conditions, it’s deemed as too rough for others. Now meet glamping. Glamping gives you the opportunity to experience the great outdoors, without having to worry about the tent falling down.

It’s camping in style – this means real beds and spacious rooms, while being steps away from the great wilderness. All you have to do is show up. – And, I think we’ll all be happy to hear that scout skills are not a necessity. With the current situation of Covid-19, there’s not a more suitable holiday destination than glamping in Wye Valley.

Where To Stay During Your Visit To Wye Valley

White House on Wye Glamping is a luxury glamping site in the Wye Valley where you can privately relax tucked away in the great outdoors. Each of the 5 glamping tipis have their own cosy interior (that includes proper bedding), with space outdoors for your ultimate relaxation. Located in the heart of Herefordshire, White House Glamping is a beautiful and peaceful getaway for those who are looking to experience the wondrous and rural views of the Wye Valley countryside. You can’t help but feel completely at ease.

What To Do

Wye Valley Walk

All year round, the Wye Valley Walk offers some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Wye Valley; whether that’s the summer greenery; the abundance of spring flowers or passing through the snow-capped mountains. Whether you’re walking 5 miles, or planning a whole day trip, Wye Valley Walk, criss-crossing the border between England and Wales, has some of the best countryside views for visitors everywhere.

The walk starts out with a pastoral trail through some open fields where you’ll walk alongside the river and eventually pass through Symonds Yat to find a variety of riverside pubs. For those wishing for a longer walk, the trail continues, but quickly changes pace to become a stiff climb up and down through the woodlands.

Symonds Yat

Famous for it’s peaceful river sceneries, Symonds Yat, is home to a great variety of attractions from museums; caves to taking a cruise down the River Wye. The village has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over the years – especially during summer – where visitors can enjoy the scenic views of Wye Valley – and let’s not forget the countless country pubs where you can sit alongside the river and enjoy a tasty meal.

The Symonds Yat villages (East and West) surround the opposing banks of the Wye where you can reach one or the other by a hand-pulled ferry. Take your time and uncover the historical past Symonds Yat by walking up to the cliff top of Yat Rock or relax with a gentle river cruise passing along the picturesque views. There are few places in the UK that bring a sense of space and tranquility like Symonds Yat does.

If you love the idea of reconnecting with nature, but aren’t too keen cramping in a tent, then glamping in Wye Valley might be the perfect option for you.

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