Top Eight Fishing Spots in the UK

by Julia on May 15, 2020

When it comes to fishing in the UK, locations are more important than equipment and skills. You must select the right fishing area to have the greatest success in fishing. It is difficult to find an Englishman who does not love fishing; it is in their veins. It is the century-long culture of enjoying a holiday.

Other than fishing location, equipment, and techniques, you need a quality fishing boat for a day-long venture. Fishing boats have three main variants according to their fishing needs: artisanal, commercial, and recreational fishing. Furthermore, fishing vessels or boats have even more variations in terms of shape, size, and model.

 For fishing, you can buy either brand new or used fishing boats. These boats may cost from ten thousand pounds to over one fifty thousand pounds. You can buy them from vendors offering fishing boats for sale online. Choose the most affordable boat to suit your needs. After picking a boat, it’s time to explore exciting destinations for fishing in the UK.

1. Windermere Lake

Windermere Lake is the biggest natural lake in England. It is situated in the Lake District National Park of Cumbria. This ribbon lake formed due to glacial troughs of the current interglacial period. This is also the hotspot of millions of tourists to unwind through outdoor sports, water sports, fishing, and much more. You will also find traditional pubs and restaurants for the best holiday experiences.

Lake Windermere is also a great place for swimming. This is also one of those lakes in three-lake challenges under English channel rules. Furthermore, this lake is a nirvana for anglers. Its aquatic diversity is rich with perch, pike, eels, salmon, trout, arctic char, and more. Other than fishing, you can witness its rich wild biodiversity like red squirrel, otters, osprey, red kite, and more.

2. Ramsgate

Ramsgate is a seaside town in eastern Kent. This place is popular for its coastline tourism and fishing. The royal harbor of Ramsgate is popular for sea fishing sports. Moreover, Ramsgate has a maritime museum to preserve its long history of sea fishing at kent.

You will find hundreds of chartered boats and fishing vessels in Ramstag harbor. It’s quite usual to find pollock, rays, plaice, and cods in its coastline territories. Also, you can find school sharks weighing nearly fifty pounds or more. Other than boats, you can fish from the pier to catch pouting, wrasse, eel, and more.

3. Brighton

Brighton is an iconic seaside resort in eastern Essex. This city break destination offers a royal pavilion, pumping clubs, pubs, seaside shops, gigs, and more. For fish lovers, Brighton’s marina is the perfect place to haul cod, ling, pomfret, eels, dab, sole, and plaice. Other than boating, you can try its harbor wall to catch red mullet, mackerel, and smoothhound sharks.

Brighton is also popular for its restaurants and delicious Mediterranean seafood dishes. You can also enjoy watersports and boat racing at Brington’s harbor. Don’t miss Brighton’s Palace Pier at dusk, as it is the most iconic attraction with its golden beaches.

4. Bournemouth

This is a popular coastal resort in southern England. It is a hotspot for surf lovers, and it offers a perfect invitation for beach sports. You would also love having a gentle stroll on its pier and nighttime concerts and live music on its beaches.

If you join a charter, then you may fill your boat with bream, wrasse, whiting, and pollock quickly. You can also make some great catches without leaving the beach. That’s the beauty of Bournemouth fishing. It’s more like a fisherman paradise where you can find trout, salmon, pike, barbel, and lots of carp.

5. Inverness

Inverness is the place where history is alive with live music in places like Hotannany. It is also a place where tourists refresh themselves with local speysides and local whiskeys. The majestic Inverness castle is located at the bank of River Ness. Inverness attracts anglers and people who love fishing.

The bank of River Ness is highly popular for trout and salmon fishing. If you move to Loch Ness then you may add more freshwater fish to your lists like carp, eel, perch, pike, arctic char, and many more. You can even try Spey casting to catch a lot of salmon in River Ness.

6. Swansea

This is a coastal city in south Wales. This city is alluring with beautiful countryside and long sandy beaches. Furthermore, it is a place to enjoy plays at the Grand Theater, explore the historic National Waterfront Museum, and buzz through Swansea market and its infamous nightlife.

For fishing, there are plenty of options for you. Yes, there are remote streams, wonderful lakes, and two different seas to catch fish. This is also one of the oldest charter ports in all of Great Britain. You can catch sea fish like cod, bass, whiting, and more.

You can also try to catch freshwater fish in the ponds of Swansea as they are rich with coarse fishes. Swansea has inland River Wye which reserves a wide variety of fishes like chub, roach, barbel, grayling, pike, crab, and more.

7. New Quay

This is probably the heartland of British surfing. New Quay’s beach in Cornwall always buzzes with watersports and boat sailing. Since 1870, New Quay has arranged one of the best sailing competitions, the Cardigan Bay Regatta. Other than that, this place is also famous for its dolphin’s sanctuary. It is not unusual to find thousands of tourists sunbathing and spotting dolphins on hot summer days.

New Quay was popular for fishing long before surfing’s introduction. Yet, it is still popular to catch conger eels, pollock, ling, bull huss, sea bream, cod, and much more. New Quay is desirable for big fishing games for porbeagle sharks or giant blue.

8. Scarborough

If you are a history lover, then this is your place to catch aquatics. This is a place to find century-old fossils and beautiful countryside along golden sandy beaches. Also, this small town of Yorkshire offers comedy acts, plays, gigs, and pop-ups all over town.

No wonder this place is perfect for fishing. You can either try a boat or pier to catch mackerel, wrasse, whiting, dab, cod, pollock, ling, and many more. Other than that, you can also visit its local fishery lakes to catch rudd, roach, perch, and pikes.

Final Verdict

Fishing is fun and is also a great sport. Your fishing enjoyment doubles when you pick the right destinations for fishing. Follow the above-listed destinations for the best outdoor fishing expeditions in the UK.

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