Who Eats the Most Pizza in the World? The Answer May Surprise You

by Julia on April 6, 2020

Everyone knows pizza originated in Italy, but surprisingly Italy does not have the lead on consuming it. We have to travel much farther up Northwestern Europe to the small country of Norway. Surprisingly, this nation is on top of the list of which countries consumes the most pizza in a year.

1. Norway

Norwegians consumes the most pizza in the world on a per-person ratio. This small nation has a population of about 5.5 million, and they eat about 5 kg (11 lbs) pizza each annually.

If you’re ever in Norway, you’ll notice there are pizza restaurants on almost every corner. Norwegians also consume a lot of pizza at home, bought frozen and heated in the oven. The most popular frozen pizza is called Grandiosa.

2. USA

There are more than 327 million people in the USA, and for every second 350 slices of pizza are eaten. Despite this, Americans don’t eat enough pizza to take first place from Norway. This country, which is considered the birthplace of fast food, has to settle for second place.

3. United Kingdom

The British love to eat pizza, and more than half of the whole UK consumes pizza at least once in ten days. With more than 66 million inhabitants, that’s an impressive amount of pizza.

4. Germany

Germany takes fourth place with a hundred slices of pizza eaten every second. With more than 82 million inhabitants, that’s not enough pizza per person for a spot on the podium.

5. Italy

Italy is known as the home of pizza, but surprisingly they’re only in fifth place on this list. Napoli is considered to have the original recipe for Italian pizza, and “Pizzaiuolo” (the culinary practice of making true Neapolitan Pizza) was inscribed on UNESCO’s list in 2017.

6. Russia

Pizza has become extremely popular in Russia in the last years, and Pizza Hut is famous and well-spread in and around Moscow. Dodo Pizza is a russian pizza delivery franchise founded in 2011, which has spread to 11 other countries with 457 pizzerias. Dodo Pizza is the world’s first commercial delivery of pizza by drone.

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