Planning a Trip to Vietnam? Here are the Best Places to Visit

by Julia on March 13, 2020

Are you planning on a trip to Vietnam? Well, this South Asian country welcomes you to experience its rich culture and striking views. Imagine mouthwatering dishes, ancient cities, extraordinary mountains, and so on. With all these, you wouldn’t want to look back. On your arrival, you will meet other captivating sceneries that nobody will tell you about. So, made up your mind? Check out some of the thrilling places you can visit in Vietnam

1. The province of Ha Giang 

Vietnam borders China. And it is a fun destination for a road trip. You can pass by some of the exotic mountains like Plateau Geopark, and the deep valleys. For this reason, Ha Giang is perfect if you are a biker. Also, you will be mesmerized by the lots of rural villages enjoying their well-preserved heritage. All these will add cultural value to an exciting trip. A motorbike is not a thing for everyone, so Ha Giang provides numerous treks. However, it also offers mountain bike opportunities. Are you ready for the fun? Get your Vietnam Visa and land in the country of unique culture and charming settlements that will linger in your mind forever.

2. Sapa

On the highest mountains of Vietnam, another famous and beautiful place known as Sapa awaits you. It is more comfortable to ride in a cable car if you are visiting Mount Fansipan summit. You will also enjoy hiking along rice terraces. As you leave Sapa, you will have a memorable time at the Tram Ton Pass. This includes the Waterfall that thunders down. Also, there are numerous hotels in Sapa where you can enjoy mouthwatering meals as you view the stunning mountains.

3. Ha Long Bay

Make sure while on your trip, you visit this surreal landscape located in Lotin Gulf. Ha Long Bay belongs to the seven natural wonders. So take a cruise trip to view the mountains or caves carefully. Some of the activities you can enjoy at Ha Long Bay include walking through caves and enjoying cruises, among others. If you want to enjoy more, use a kayak to explore the cliffs. You will unearth the secret caves as you enjoy the experience with your buddies.

But probably the most fun way to explore the cliffs is by kayak.

4. The imperial city of Hue

The imperial city of Hue offers architectural style and numerous decorations. These magnificent Chinese inspired architecture include perfect woodwork, dragon pictures, as well as alluring greens. So when planning for your trip, connect with a guided tour. Such tours ensure you explore the former Vietnam capital Hue by yourself.


There are numerous inviting places you can visit in Vietnam despite the ones mentioned above. If you want to experience the beauty of Vietnam, put down some crucial factors like Vietnam Visa cost. This will help you budget for other necessities as well. Planning well will ensure you explore many fascinating and unique areas in Vietnam. 

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