5 Essential Aspects of Adventure Travel

by Julia on March 9, 2020

We’re all inspired when we read online blogs from brave travellers who toughed it out for a few months in Alaska or went down part of the Amazon River, and if you’ve decided to experience life on the edge and travel, here are a few essential aspects to adventure travel you should be aware of.

  1. Be Prepared – This cannot be overstated; anything and everything might happen at some point, which means you need to be prepared. Prior to starting an adventure, do some online research and learn about the language, customs, climate, wildlife and other important aspects, which will really help you pack the right items, plus you will know what to expect and be aware of any issues prior to your arrival.

  2. Safety & Security – Heading off into the unknown might sound thrilling, but you should take precautions, like investing in one of the amazing Alpaka slash-proof backpacks that will protect your valuables while on the trail. As a rule, you should have a system in place whereby you keep in regular contact with a friend or family member, and should you fail to ‘check in’, they can alert the authorities. Many adventure travellers are alive today because they did just that, after some form of accident that left them stranded, and their contact was able to alert rescue facilities.

  3. Discipline and a Positive Attitude – There will be times when you are cold, wet and hungry; wondering why on earth you ever thought about doing this, but that is part of the unique experience, and a positive attitude will always stand you in good stead. Don’t take unnecessary risks and be disciplined in every way – understand the reality of the situation – you are in a strange place and only have what is on your person. Be polite and respectful when meeting local people, which will always be warmly appreciated and there will be times when you rely on locals.

  4. Packing for a Trip – Obviously, a lot of research would result in a long list of essential items that you plan to take, and if you are travelling with others, many items can be shared, so bear that in mind. The items you pack would very much depend on where you are going, but essentially, you will need a good first aid kit, wet weather clothing, a good sleeping bag and tent (if you plan on camping). You should invest in a good quality camping knife; one that has many attachments and tools that can help you in a range of situations, plus a good LED torch, preferably rechargeable, which is a must.

  5. Insurance – Most people would take out comprehensive health insurance prior to embarking on an adventure, and if you are planning a 3-month trek in Asia without any insurance, you are braver than most! Anything could go wrong, and without medical insurance, treatment could run into thousands of dollars, so it simply isn’t worth taking the risk.

If you are fit and healthy and have a desire for some adventure, there’s no reason why you can’t join the thousands of other adventure travellers who see the world from a unique standpoint.

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