How To Make Traveling With Kids Easy

by Julia on March 4, 2020


Traveling is one of the best things in the world. If seeing the world is your passion, you want to share it with everyone, especially your kids. After all, when you travel with your little ones, you help them gain a bigger perspective and appreciation for the bigger picture. Traveling with kids helps them think for themselves as global citizens, and gets them pumped to travel for the rest of their lives.

But traveling with kids in tow isn’t always easy. In fact, globetrotting with kids poses a specific set of challenges you have to plan for. It’s possible to travel with kids without any headaches, but you have to be prepared.

Check out our three favorite tips and tricks to make taking the kids anywhere a breeze.

1-     A White Noise Machine For Zzzs

Traveling to new towns and hotels is fun, but you can’t always guarantee the noise level of a place at bedtime. One hotel might have thin walls, or one town may have noisy streets. No matter what the reason, if your kid is up all night listening to the world around them, they are sure to be miserable the next day. That’s why you need a white noise machine when you travel.

When you travel with a white noise machine, your kids will be able to have the same soundscape every night. Something portable and easy to use, like the ones at, are great when you travel.

If you’re worried about how your kid will take to white noise, just try it at home first. You can get your kid used to the white noise at bedtime, and if they like it at home, you know it will work on the road. You will be able to preserve a piece of your bedtime routine wherever you go.

2-     Activity Sets Keep The Kids Busy In Between Destinations

We all know kids need lots of stimulation to avoid getting bored. One great way to keep everyone happy during a long car ride or airplane trip is an activity set. An activity set is a bag filled with small activities that the kids can choose from without asking you for permission.

Common things in activity sets include crayons, drawing paper, puzzles, slime, a new game or toy (for a sense of novelty and fun!) and a small book. But the great thing about activity sets is that they can be personalized to fit the needs of your kid and your trip. You can exclude the slime for a no-mess bag or add more books if your kid is a great reader: it’s all up to you. You can exclude the slime for a no-mess bag or add more books if your kid is a great reader: it’s all up to you. For example: check out this great adventure/ time travel book list for some ideas.

Altogether, an activity set is there to keep your kids entertained. But it also helps your kids feel independent enough to make decisions about what they want to do without feeling like they need to ask your permission. When you help build their independence, you give them skills that will make them great travelers in the future.

3-     Mess Around Clothes Save You Tons Of Headaches

Lastly, if you want to save yourself a headache you better pack some clothes in their suitcase that are okay to ruin. In the age of Instagram travel, we often think about packing great outfits, even for the kids. However, kids like to get dirty and have fun. Pack a few sets of clothing that you don’t care about and let them go wild while wearing them. They’ll love the sense of freedom, and you’ll love that they didn’t ruin anything too expensive.

In The End

With a little planning, your trip with your kids will be tons of fun. Find your routine on the road and enjoy the moments together wherever you go.

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