10 Outdoor Activities You Can Do With Your Family This Spring

by Julia on February 27, 2020

As we are fast approaching spring, you need to come up with different activities to keep your kids entertained during their spring break. Take the opportunity to create some family memories while your children still think it is cool to hang out with you! With great weather, you will have the chance to enjoy some fun outdoor activities fit for the whole family.

So, if you are usually stressed out about how to keep your kids busy, but also have fun with them during school breaks, check the below 10 ideas for fun family activities:

1. Camping

Kids enjoy going on a real-life adventure in the woods. You will need to make sure you have all the necessary gear. Sleeping gear can be very tricky especially for babies. A baby-sleeping hammock is available on the markets, but, whether it’s safe or not is still debatable. So, it is better to get a flat bassinet for your baby to sleep in and avoid any suffocation hazards. Make arrangements and checklists to make sure you do not leave anything to chance and to be able to enjoy your family camping trip.

2. Go on a Sailboat

During spring, the weather is still not warm enough for beach time. However, if like most kids, your kids love anything that has to do with the water, then going on a sailboat might be just the perfect activity. Gather some friends and take out a boat big enough to spend the day barbecuing and playing games. The grownups will enjoy the relaxation of being out on the sea and the kids will have tons of fun fishing and playing around.

3. Take a Road trip

This is a great and fun idea for a budget-friendly family activity. Instead of staying in expensive hotels, you can visit many cities over the weekend and make stops for sightseeing and eating. It will not cost you much, and you will get to enjoy tons of car-games with your kids. You will even get away with slipping in some fun historical facts.

4. Take a Picnic

Spring is synonymous with luscious greenery and blooming flowers. Planning for a family picnic where you get to enjoy eating, drinking and playing all sorts of outdoor games are the best way to enjoy the spring weather. Parents can pass the time reading their favorite books while the kids engage in fun kite fights.

5. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Kids love the idea of treasure hunts where they get to compete and solve riddles. Make it more interesting and make the “treasure” worth their time.  Encourage them to invite their close friends so it can be more fun.

6. Do Some Gardening

For your home garden that has been neglected throughout the cold winter months, now is the best time to get the whole family and do some much-needed gardening. Involve the kids in deciding what flowers to plant and teach them about how to care for the garden when you are too busy to do so. It is a great opportunity to make your kids feel like you trust them with a grown-up task, and you can all enjoy spending the beautiful spring days in your garden.

7. Plan a Family Bike Ride

If you and your family like everything sports and prefer to be active more than basking under the sun, then biking is for you. You will find that this is a great chance for your kid to put their new biking skills to the test and it will be easier for them to get over their fears with all of the family around for support. Plan for a fun trail with ice cream stops to surprise the kids.

8. Go Hiking

Find a family-friendly hiking trail and take the kids on a hike. They will love seeing bizarre flowers and funny-looking birds. Make sure you have them in special hiking shoes so they can comfortably finish the hike without complaining.

9. Take a Family Safari

If you live somewhere near the desert, take the chance and go on a safari night before the weather gets too hot to do so. Contact one of the local agencies to arrange for an exciting sand ski and a barbecue night for you and the family. It will also be worth it to have the kids ditch their regular bedtime and wait for the beautiful sunrise to take some unmatchable family photos.

10. Collect Shells and Create Art

Since it is still a bit too chilly to go swimming, spend your time on the beach collecting beautiful shells that you can use on a DIY art project. Find inspiration online and let your kids decide what they want to create with the colorful shells they collected.

Spring is the perfect time to take some time off work and slow down before nearing the end of the year. Take the opportunity that kids are on a break and can join in for some quality family time. As suggested above, you do not need to plan ahead or save money to find some cool outdoor activities. It is all about being creative and working with what you have around to keep the kids entertained.

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