Sicily, the Largest Region in Italy

by Julia on February 24, 2020

There are countless sites in Sicily considered World Heritage Sites and protected by UNESCO.

Sicily is a vast island, the largest region of Italy, located in the south of Italy and the last great island that divides Europe from Africa.

This proximity to the African continent has greatly influenced the language, architecture, gastronomy, culture, traditions, and folklore of the Sicilian region.

Sicily: A Gem of the Mediterranean and a Wonderful Masterpiece of Beauty and Culture

To live dream holidays alone, with family, life partner or friends, you can rent a villa in Sicily.

A luxury residence of incredible architectural, cultural and historical value.

The beauty of Sicilian holiday homes lies in the fact that – thanks also and as anticipated because of the millenary Arabic, Viking, Piedmontese, Spanish dominations that have followed one another in its millenary history – they are for all tastes. The Sicilian houses and villas by the sea are wealthy, luxurious, with large swimming pools, with elegant, antique, noble furnishings and are created for the tourist who does not care about expenses, who would like to fully enjoy the richness.

Do you think they are just vacations for the rich? You’re wrong. There are accommodations for young couples who feel the need to find a very special and romantic place where they can find privacy and strengthen their bond with unique adventures.

Sea walks and sunsets are unforgettable and have inspired great world film directors, best-selling novelists, renowned actors.

Despite the vastness and size of Sicily, there is not a single spot that does not provide the desired location: from the baroque capital Palermo with its Art Nouveau palaces in Messina, from Marsala – the land of the homonymous wine- to the everlasting Syracuse with the Neapolis Archaeological Park, from Taormina famous for the Greek Theatre, the Villa Comunale and the Duomo. Let’s not forget Catania with its Cathedral and Ursino Castle or the historical and timeless Cefalù.

As we have already said, it is not possible to bring back in so few lines a land incredibly rich in history and unique places like Sicily, a 365 days long holiday would be the solution to say you know it halfway.

The Normans, the Arabs, the Spanish rulers and the maritime contacts with all the nations of the Mediterranean and beyond have enriched Sicily, never bent

So, we strongly advise you to look for tickets for your favorite season and prepare your dream holiday. We highly recommend the Italian summer for the wealth of services, experiences, locations, endless bathing, and regal lunches, from the hospitality of the locals to long bike rides through the countryside and vineyards. Get ready to taste typical and incredible desserts and dishes such as arancini and cassata. Get ready to drink fine wines like marsala. Get ready, above all, to fall in love with Sicilian holiday homes because they are the real protagonists of these dream holidays.

We let you daydream for ten minutes about the sensations that certainly jumped into your mind because when we imagine a trip, we too think about Sicily and that we can do only one thing: dream an unforgettable holiday, barefoot on the sand of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Now it’s your turn: how fantastic must it be to enjoy a sunset over the sea seen from the Sicilian cliffs? How fabulous must it be to enjoy it from the counter of a Sicilian villa?

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