Why it’s important to take photos while traveling

by Julia on February 18, 2020

Many scientists and simply not indifferent people claim that by taking photos regularly during vacations we miss valuable moments. Allegedly, we spoil our memories trying to catch a better angle. But what to do if the fingers automatically turn on the smartphone’s camera when we see a beautiful sunset or an unusual place? Don’t deprive yourself of a beautiful frame!

Reasons why photos make our life better

When we take a photo, we don’t just capture the object or moment, but we show the angle of how we look at it. Thus, one demonstrates creative abilities even if he isn’t an artistic person. Our sense of beauty is activated. This undoubtedly helps to build confidence, especially if we share the resulting photos with others. It can be relatives, friends or a mass audience.

Usually, talking about photos, we automatically associate them with social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. These are sources that serve as a photo diary or platform for creative self-realization. Start taking pictures of the usual details of your day for your blog and you will notice how even boring events start making sense. Even psychologists recommend such a “treatment” to get rid of depression and find new strength.

Take a camera on a vacation

Digital detox is a popular term among Instagram bloggers which means giving up gadgets and social networks for a while. Most often, people take this temporary lifestyle when they go on vacation to warm places such as Bali or the Italian coast. However, one or more photos won’t make the sun less pleasant and the ocean less blue. On the contrary, a photo captures all the colors and the sensations so that you can return to them at any time.

Going on a trip, one expects to have a good time and get complete restoration. Once saturated with positive energy, returning home to a routine seems unbearable. Only memories can warm. Photos can bring you back to a great time for a while until you set off on a new journey.

Photos for tourism lovers

Before traveling to a new country, the search for popular and unusual sights is a must for any tourist. Guided tours in museums and galleries, city walks, and visits to local restaurants help to get to discover an unknown place. It seems that photos have no room in immersion in an unusual culture. However, it’s not.

Scientists at the University of Southern California, USA, conducted an experiment involving real people. Tourists placed in 2 buses and went to inspect the beauty of the state. One group was forbidden to use cameras while the second was able to take pictures of whatever it wanted. The guys who captured every moment of the trip got more pleasure from it. In addition, they better learned what they had seen and remembered more information.

Tips for those who want to capture every moment

Even if you don’t have a camera or it’s not convenient for you to carry it with you, you always have a smartphone, so don’t forget about it. Do not take pictures of everything you see only because someone told you to do this. Put your vision in every image, even if it’s a photo of an ordinary breakfast. Think of interesting objects, poses, or possibly stories in the frame. Treat photography as an artist and director.

Photo editing can also be an interesting process. Most likely you aren’t a professional photographer and aren’t familiar with Photoshop, but this shouldn’t stop you. There are special programs that you can install on your phone and edit the picture immediately after it was taken. Try RetouchMe app. It’s simple and intuitive. The result will amaze you because the editing traces are not noticeable as if the work was done by a professional. Experiment with filters, change colors and backgrounds; adjust the human body in the photo, etc.


Don’t be afraid that photos take your life because they only complement it. Share emotions with friends and relatives through pictures. Perhaps this will open up the potential of a photographer in you and become your hobby. Also, don’t forget to return to the old image from time to time because they are a reminder of happy and important moments.

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