Top 10 most affordable destinations to visit in 2020

by Julia on February 18, 2020

Travelling is something that we all love to do. But unfortunately, it can get costly. You can’t put a price on creating memories, but your credit card has limits. However, many travelling destinations are still affordable, even if your budget is not that high. Here are the top ten destinations to visit in 2020 that won’t make you lose too much coin.


You will be amazed at how cheap it is to go on a trek to the Everest Base Camp. The highest mountain in the world located in Nepal has a lot to offer. But there is more to see than just the Everest. If you choose Nepal as your next holiday destination, you can expect a vibrant rural life, temples, and beautiful nature surrounding you. It is a perfect place for an adventure. Besides, Everest itself is an excellent addition to your memories collection, so if you want to, make sure to see it here. The estimated daily cost for a day in Nepal is 22 dollars per person, pretty cheap, right?


A country that is well-known throughout Europe for its hospitality. It is also a much-beloved cultural place you can visit without spending much money. Discover here the unique folk culture, see incredible architecture and eat the most sophisticated cuisine of East Europe. Hungary is also a great country to visit for wine lovers. You can also expect a variety of activities to choose from during your stay and lively nightlife if you like to party.


The cocaine time of Columbia is long gone, and now you are more than welcome to visit this beautiful country. It offers the perfect balance between rural and urban sites. It is designed to be a people pleaser. The culture is present everywhere, as well as history, but you can also catch more sun on the beach. And if you are interested in the dark cocaine infused history of Columbia, visit the city of Medlin, where the former drug king Pablo Escober had his haunt. A fantastic time to visit the South American country is during the Barranquilla, so during Carnaval. Columbia is also must-see for nature lovers, as it is highly biodiverse.


Seems like an expensive place to go to, but it isn’t. Italy is the country that gave us fantastic art, architecture, ice cream and pizza. If this isn’t enough reasons for you to go, please remember about the Roman ruins, the beaches and most excellent quality wines and coffee. Italy truly is a paradise for anyone. Every large city or a small village has something exciting to offer. Besides, Italian might be one of the sexiest languages out there.


Armenia is a considerably small country located in the Caucasus, between much larger Azerbaijan and Turkey, but it has a lot to offer. It is the perfect place for mountains and valleys lovers, as the country is full of them. Armenia also has a rich history present in the form of Christianity symbols. Actually, it was the very first country to become a Christian nation officially. But the most attractive thing about Armenia is perhaps its cuisine. The food here is simply amazing.


It is a travelling destination for those who look for an element of spirituality during their vacation. You can expect here lively cities like Bangkok, and many peaceful places to explore. It is ridiculously cheap to stay there and get the full Thai experience. Visit the famous temples and find your inner peace, take some time to get the Thai massage, and try the oriental cuisine of Thailand.


Turkey is all in one country. Do you want beaches, a throwback in history or a study in culture, excellent cuisine or stunning sites? It has it all. Turkey is a border between Asia and Europe, and its strategic location allows it to take the best out of the two continents. It is not a country to see; it is one to discover. Turkey has a lot of offer for a fraction of the price you would have to pay for the same experience elsewhere. There could be no other place where you can discover so much anyway.


Who doesn’t want to see the great pyramids of Giza live? The exotic Egyptian culture and art are more than tempting. It is fantastic what ancient people were able to achieve, the Valley of Kings, Luxor Temple, The Sphinx being just some of the examples. Fortunately, most of the wonders of ancient Egypt still exist today, and they wait for you to discover them by yourself. And if you wish to take a walk on the dessert, there is no better and cheaper place to do so.


Greece is a world-famous country for its culture, history and food. It represents the very birthplace of European culture. Mainland Greece and its many islands is a getaway you will never forget. See the fantastic capital city, Athens, and see Acropolis, that is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you want to avoid crowds, visit the lovely city of Milos. It is home to 75 different beaches! You will, for sure, find one just for yourself. One more thing, do go out and eat local cuisine. Try the original greek salad and dive into highest quality olives.

Dominican Republic

If you love to dance and fresh seafood, the Dominican Republic is a country you should visit. Burn the calories with Merengue, and then eat them all up while exploring the local cuisine. The Dominican Republic is also a paradise for rum lovers, as the most famous factory of the alcohol is located in Puerta Plata. This is a travelling destination full of good music, friendly people and style!

Travelling with a budget will make you discover places you wouldn’t even think of visiting. There are a lot of inexpensive options out there that wait for your arrival. Explore the world without a large travelling bill. See you on the road.

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