Key West Attractions and Places To Visit on Vacation

by Julia on February 17, 2020

Key West is a unique island city on the southern tip of Florida. Located in the famous Florida Keys it’s a favourite destination for tourists from all over the world. With fantastic local cuisine, including great seafood, wonderful coral reefs to explore and super friendly locals; Key West is the ideal spot for a vacation, for families, couples and single travellers. Key West also has a wide variety of hotels to suit every budget as well as charming villas and holiday rental properties if you prefer to self cater.

How do you get to Key West?

It’s very convenient to get to Key West from almost anywhere in the world. If you’re travelling by air then you can fly into the Key West International Airport and from there take a taxi or local public transport to your accommodation.

Key West is also a stop for many cruise ships that pass through the Gulf of Mexico so if you’re on an organised tour then your guide will show you around however, if you have simply booked passage a cruise ship is a great way to arrive in the Florida Keys in true style.

If you’re travelling by car, then you’ll find the roads are excellent, and with the help of a SatNav you’ll have no problems getting around. If you do get stuck for directions the local population is extremely helpful so you should be fine!

What to do and where to visit on your Vacation to the Key West?

There’s a lot to do in Key West so whether you were looking for an activity packed family vacation or a quiet romantic getaway you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in this beautiful island city.

  • Visit Duval Street in Key West to get a taste of the culture and amazing local food! Duval Street is one of the centres of tourism in Key West, with a wide selection of world class restaurants and food hubs, great shopping and a whole host of other attractions. Duval Street is a lovely place for sightseeing, and if you follow the road to it’s end you’ll reach the Southernmost Point marker of the Florida Keys, where you’ll be met with outstanding views and if you’re needing refreshments several bars and cafes.

Duval Street is also the home of several interesting festivals throughout the year including the Hemingway’s Days Festival that is held in the summer.

  • The Hemingway home and museum is a must see for all literary fans! Ernest Hemingway owned and lived in this beautiful Spanish Colonial house until 1940. As well as being famous for where he wrote his Nobel Prize winning book, ‘The Old Man and the Sea’, it’s also famous for its bizarre population of three toed cats!

  • For a relaxing day of magical delights why not visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory? If you’re looking for a beautiful day admiring some of nature’s prettiest creatures then a day trip to the Butterfly and Nature Conservatory will tick those boxes. You can easily catch a taxi to the site where you’ll not only see some wonderful butterflies but also several dozen species of truly exotic birds. It’s a great activity for families and if you want to learn more about what you’re seeing then the Learning Centre is full of fun information and facts about the Conservatory’s residents.

  • After a long day why not drop by Mallory Square to relax in the evening? Each day there is live music and entertainment while the audience also enjoys the spectacular sunset across the ocean. There’s a real festival atmosphere with jugglers, food stalls and music with the backdrop of the Gulf of Mexico as a stage! A truly unforgettable way to spend an evening, or two, in Key West.

  • For a fun look into the history of Key West the Shipwreck Treasures Museum has some great exhibits that delve into the murky history of the former salvaging industry that once made the Florida Keys famous. The reefs that surround Key West are dangerous, and, in the days before GPS, posed a real threat to ships travelling through the Gulf of Mexico. Many ships were sunk on the reefs and rocky coast in the sometimes unpredictable weather. This museum focuses on the history of the salvaging industry that used to thrive in the area.

Key West is the Jewel in the Crown of the Gulf of Mexico, just waiting for you to discover it!

According to Travel Department, Key West is one of the friendliest and enjoyable cities that you’ll ever visit. It makes the perfect spot for a relaxing sun soaked holiday sipping Mojitos on ice but it’s also a great place for a fun family holiday. No matter what you’re looking for you’ll be made to feel welcome in this charming old colonial town, with superb cultural sites to explore and the unbeatable natural beauty of the Gulf of Mexico.

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