How to access Thailand’s most secluded vacation spots

by Julia on February 13, 2020

Forget busy beaches and backpacker bars. Those seeking total escape in Thailand are more interested in the “castaway” experience: the chance to be gloriously alone with only your loved ones and a few coconut trees on some paradise beaches.

But with 1430 islands in Thailand and millions of travellers every year, do secluded vacation spots still exist? Oh yes. When you explore Thailand by luxury yacht, it’s easy to get off the grid with savvy captains that know of uncharted pieces of paradise without a soul in sight.

Thailand’s most secluded vacation spots

Popular with honeymooners and busy executives wanting to get off the radar, a charter holiday in Southeast Asia will take you to uninhabited islands only accessible by boat.

Charter guests can request private barbecues on deserted shores with an attentive crew that brings everything from champagne on ice to luxury hammocks. When a guest finds themselves alone on an untouched beach, they are king of the island. It’s Robinson Crusoe with snapper sashimi and butler service.

Koh Kood

Among Thailand’s most secluded vacation spots is Koh Kood off Thailand’s east coast, inaccessible to visitors until quite recently. Believed to be the country’s most beautiful island, it remains relatively untouched being a private flight and speed boat away from Bangkok. By yacht however, anywhere is reachable.

Koh Kradan

Koh Kradan (“surfboard” in Thai) in the Andaman Sea is another remote spot with no villages or proper roads, meaning that those lucky enough to drop anchor get to feel truly cast away.

Koh Jum

Koh Jum (also known as Koh Pu), a 30-minute boat ride from Krabi, is a tiny island of tree plantations and pristine beaches where all there is to do is swim, take a shaded siesta on deck and listen to the sound of bird call.

Koh Madsum

For an alternative to popular Koh Samui, venture to Koh Madsum, Koh Samui’s isolated little sister and more secluded vacation spot. Then there’s Koh Surin, an archipelago of uninhabited islets south of the Thai-Burmese border and the Laem Son group, small uninhabited islands in the Andaman Sea reachable only by private boat. Near the Laem Som National Park you’ll find Ko Hin Ya with its immaculate white sand beaches on its eastern side, a beautiful lagoon on its western side and to the north, a rainforest should you feel like trekking through lush jungle. With a handful of longtail fishing boats, you are likely to be the only non-locals in the area.

Finding the right vessel

Once you have decided on your itinerary of secluded vacation spots, all that’s left to do is secure the boat of your dreams. The type of charter vessel you book will depend on the type of yacht holiday you desire. While motoryachts offer speed and come with luxury amenities such as infinity pools, spas and even helipads, sailing yachts and catamarans offer the romance and tranquility of yesteryear. What better way to escape the chaos of city life than to while away the days drifting from one turquoise bay to the next?

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