6 Tips for Designing and Decorating a Charming Airbnb Destination

by Julia on January 20, 2020

If you’re a fan of traveling and experiencing new places, you’ve probably stayed in your fair share of Airbnb properties. And perhaps your affinity for these warm and inviting accommodations has convinced you to create your own Airbnb listing to share with the world!

If you’re planning to put your own listing on the Airbnb platform, you need to give it your best shot. For the most part, people want properties that are cozy and charming.

Here are a few ways you can inject warmth into your property:

  1. Welcome Package

Have you ever stayed at a hotel or Airbnb listing where you were greeted with a note and complimentary gift? It makes you feel pretty awesome, right?

Welcome notes and packages make great first impressions. And if you do them right, they don’t have to cost very much.

For just $15, you could leave a bottle of wine and a handwritten note on the counter. Or you might even be more practical than that. Sometimes household items are enough to make a statement.

“A universal power adapter, a few different phone chargers, a hair dryer, an umbrella – all of these items could prove very helpful to your house guests,” GuestReady mentions. “We suggest placing these items outside of your welcome pack with some kind of note along the lines of ‘These items belong to the property and we welcome you to use them during your stay.’”

Thoughtfulness is always more important than the amount of money you spend. Guests want to feel like they’re appreciated and known. Anything you can do to make them feel special will go a long way towards making their stay more meaningful.

  1. Personality Trumps Personal Items

It’s a good idea to show personality in an Airbnb property – but don’t confuse showing personality with showing off a lot of personal items. There’s a difference.

People want to feel like they’re in a unique space, but they don’t necessarily want to feel as if they’re tiptoeing over your stuff. Try to limit the number of family photos and personal effects. Instead, decorate with unique items that express your personality and creativity.

  1. Offer Warmth

Guests want a place that’s cozy and warm. The more you appeal to these desires, the more positive their experiences will be. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • You could quite literally inject some warmth into your property with a wood stove. Even if you don’t permit guests to use it, the mere presence of a charming cast iron stove makes your living room or kitchen look significantly more inviting.

  • Textures are a good thing. In particular, soft blankets, pillows, and rugs over hardwood help make a space feel warm and accepting.

  1. Use Small Touches in the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most neglected spaces in the average Airbnb listing. However, when guests stay at a property, the bathroom can be one of the most relaxing spaces. Use small touches – such as complimentary spa products – to make guests feel at home.

  1. Get the Lighting Right

Ditch the harsh, bright lights and opt for warmer lighting throughout your property.

“Warm lighting feels natural to us in the evenings and promotes relaxation,” electrician Bill Lewis explains. “As part of our natural human circadian rhythm, warm light seems to relax us and help us wind down for the day, and get ready for sleep.”

The good news is that you can totally change the look of your property by simply swapping out bulbs and changing a few light fixtures. Warm bulbs with dimmable switches make a big difference.

  1. Make it Instagram-Worthy

For better or worse, travelers like to share their experiences on Instagram. If you can incorporate some unique and intriguing design elements into your listing, your guests will feel compelled to share photos online. This essentially gives you free exposure.

Embrace the Unique

An Airbnb listing isn’t supposed to mimic a hotel room. People stay at an Airbnb because they want something with personality. As you design and decorate your space, be sure to embrace the unique by looking for small ways to set your listing apart. Whether it’s an awesome welcome package or an Instagrammable accent wall, tiny touches can foster powerful and positive experiences.

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