How to Plan Out the Perfect Weekend Hiking Trip

by Julia on January 16, 2020

Weekend trips are one of the only few ventures that allow you to explore and test your primal survival instincts, but more importantly, it helps you break-away from the suffocating clutch of the digital grid. However, planning out the perfect outdoor adventure involves ticking out a lot of boxes before you can venture out to embrace the primitive complexity of Mother Nature, especially if you do not want to get caught on the wrong side of the civilization without proper tools or skills.

Planning out a weekend hike into the woods can either turn out to be an exciting and mentally refreshing trip, or it can result in an utterly contradicting situation. The key is to construct a systematic and efficient hiking blueprint that will allow you to tackle the majority of unprecedented setbacks you might possibly face. Apart from anticipating a week worth of genuine excitement and exotic experience, it is also important to undertake a generous number of precautionary steps to help you acquire the ideal hiking experience with optimum safety and security.

  1. Tick out your vital gadget list

Although one of the primary objectives of a hiking trip is to get away from the influence and comfort of the digital ecosystem, you cannot deny the plethora of advantages it provides when it comes to ensuring your optimum safety, especially if your survival skills are, well, mediocre. Equipping yourself with proper tactical gadgets is the best way to ensure you do not have to deal with redundant survival procedures and, more importantly, help you stay safe all the time. Tactical gadgets such as hand knife, LED flashlight, Monocular optics (binocular), Hand-crank radio, alert keychain alarm, etc. do a  good deal in helping you get to prepare for any type of inadvertent incident or situation you may get yourself into when venturing out into the woods.

Apart from the standard list of elementary survival gadgets, you can also equip yourself with some unique and quirky gadgets to help reduce the extent of physical effort that may be required to get out of some particularly tricky circumstances. Unless you plan to go all-out on experiencing the authentic stone-age survival madness, modern tactical gadgets are the ideal tools to help you maintain a safe balance between excitement and practicality as well.

Packing your survival backpack with all the essential and life-saving gadgets is, therefore, of utmost prominence.  Some unique gadget web shops such as allow you to get your hands on some of the most practical tactical gadgets at an extremely affordable price tag, so you do not necessarily have to burn a hole in your pocket.

  1. Plan out a day hiking trip prior to your actual overnight excursion

Unless you have a generous amount of background survival experience, it is highly recommended not to plan out an overnight hiking expedition on your inaugural camping venture. The degree of physical threats that the significantly wilder landscape poses is of utmost importance, and something that you should never overlook as well. Before you can proceed to simply plot out a full-fledged overnight camping trip out into the woods, it is highly advisable to take a day out to familiarize yourself with the diverse nature of harsh terrains you will eventually face. Apart from that, a day hiking expedition will help you obtain a detailed knowledge of the ideal trekking route and all the other safety-related measures as well.

A prior day-hiking trip helps you stay ahead of any unprecedented circumstances that you might face, otherwise, without a full-proof blueprint of your authentic camping venture.

  1. Sketch out a full-proof (optimum safe) route

Having access to a guaranteed escape route is probably the most vital part of your entire hiking venture. After all, you never know when you may need to sprint out of the woods (for a diverse number of reasons). In addition, having optimum knowledge about the most efficient route is probably the closest thing you can come to ensuring your utmost safety when you have to deal with a copious stretch of unknown wildlife territory. The ideal route helps you get in or out of the woods without having to compromise your physical integrity by running into some rather unwelcoming spots as well.

In case you cannot sketch out the ideal hiking route yourself, you can take advantage of the efficient GPS system by making use of Google Maps as well. The meticulous aerial view of the GPS system allows you to get access to the most efficient and fully functional route, so you don’t have to run in circles, possibly making yourself vulnerable to our wilder counterparts. You can also map out the route to make sure you do not stray away from into the depth of the woods that can make it difficult for you to seek any form of human assistance (rescue) if you end up needing one as well.


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