Walking Tours – Most Hyped Travel Trend

by Julia on January 13, 2020

Who doesn’t love to travel? Traveling provides us with an escape from the monotonicity of everyday life. People travel in all sorts of dimensions. Some travel for work, some travel for sightseeing, some travel for excursions and some travel for holidays. Traveling on holidays or vacations can be an exalting experience for people that have to work day in and day out.

People in corporate sectors are often gifted trips by their companies to relieve them of their stress to a certain extent. Travelling can do wonders and can be a gem of an experience if enjoyed thoroughly.

So what is a walking tour?

Like all other trends, walking tour holidays is a trend that is emerging fast. People, now, love customized packages for traveling that adheres to the specifications of their choice and walking tour packages is a perfect example of that.  Walking tours can be adventurous with the person in question having to self navigate and decide routes for himself and his company (partner/ partners).

This reinvigorates in the tourist a sense of self-satisfaction and self-reliance. The tourist has to learn to accommodate himself even in the face of inevitable adversities and that, if achieved, provides the tourist with value to add to his tour. This is the sole reason for walking tours to be this popular. People from all over the world have joined in to make this a trend, and it is paying off.

How is a walking tour managed?

Agencies have sprung up to latch on to this very lucrative opportunity to cater to a clientele that has demands with such specifications and room for customization. These agencies are garnering attention as in Ireland; the hiking scene has seen a significant increase in tourism opportunities. Ballycotton Cliff Walk in Cork, Divis and the Black Mountain Ridge Trail in Belfast, Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail (Stairway to Heaven), Glenariff Forest Park Scenic Trail, The Causeway Coast in Co Antrim, Carrauntoohil in Co Kerry and Achill Island in Co Mayo are all sites which have bloomed with International tourists with an increase in the number of walking tour management agencies. The customers have a say on what Trails they want to hike in, what routes they want to take and also how they want accommodation (with lodging and food).

Are walking tours safe?

The agencies managing the walking tours have carefully selected an array of routes that are updated frequently so that the tour is completely self-guided. They ensure flexibility in their working algorithm so that the customer can be at ease while selecting a package to cater to his needs and wants.

So, walking tours is the most hyped trend that is taking over. Cities all around the world now have agencies that manage walking tours that can be interstate as well as an itinerary of tourist destinations or pilgrimages. It is very inclusive as elders and youngsters can both participate in this, thereby making a walking tour a phenomenon.

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