Snorkeling in Hawaii – How to Escape Winter

by Julia on January 2, 2020

Snorkeling in Lanai is pretty much the pinnacle of the sport. Imagine being surrounded by a swirl of warm tropical water while bright colored fish swim in a ballet style synchronicity all around you. Snorkeling in Lanai is one item that should be on every bucket list. Not only should it be on the list… it should also be acted upon and checked off the list!

Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the best ways to truly appreciate this beautiful Hawaiian island and the magic that they offer. The lanai cathedrals are known for their massive underwater lava tubes. That’s right! I said lava tubes. The effect of light shining through the holes in the lava tubes is magically. It is kind of like christmas lights sprinkling and shining through the lava tubes swiss cheese esque holes.

Snorkeling the cathedral is one of those otherworldly experiences you truly have to experience to understand. The polynesians used only the ocean and stars as guides. If you can swim and hang tough in a lava tube I feel like the polynesians would approve of you. Hawaii is really special in terms of natural phenomena. From all of the prime agricultural land, jungles, forest, and amazing ocean the natural world is truly the reason to come to Hawaii.

There are over 4000 species of fish that can only be seen in Hawaii. Seen and possibly eaten. Yum!


Hawaii is a journey unlike any other you will ever find.Relax and pamper yourself in a beautiful island set. Eat poi, and drink tropical juices. Learn to do the hula as you enjoy the ocean breeze. Listen to the ukulele and wear a Hawaiian shirt. Get a lei and a mai tai and snorkel to your heart’s content. See if you find rare sea turtles and rare tropical fish.

Capture the perfect adventure shot for your Facebook or Instagram with a helicopter flip over the island and see the coral reefs from the air.

Imagine yourself in Hawaii and you find that life works itself out and provides a way for you to be here. To experience the true meaning of island time you must come to experience it. Relax with the sounds of the waves and eat fresh mahi mahi and coconut shrimp.

An experience snorkeling in Hawaii is basically a life changing dream come true but you should be properly prepared. If you want to go scuba diving then you will have to get a training session. Swim with manta rays and dolphins. Snorkel to get experience and then work your way up to scuba diving. As you master more levels of proficiency you can tackle together dive locations.

Make sure to go with certified instructors and always inspect your gear as a safety precaution before going out. Friends and family can make life changing memories by snorkeling together. Especially with the hawaiian sunsets and sunrises that make the trip a once in a lifetime experience.

Make sure to use appropriately fitting safety gear including gloves, wetsuits, and masks. Having the right equipment is the key to having an enjoyable experience. Make sure to collect mementos and memories but to not collect natural wildlife such as sand, rocks, stones, twigs, plants, fish, or any animal life. While enjoying mother nature as she intended you must make sure to leave it exactly as you found it. This will protect the earth for future generations ahead and ensure that you can come back decades later and enjoy the same great special spots. Find your own secret snorkel spot in hawaii today!

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