Cool Water Sports You Need to Try

by Julia on January 2, 2020

The earth we live in is filled with beauty and wonders, for those who stop to soak it all in. The forests are intertwined and surreal, with the trees and plants all around you in intricate designs. The mountains are majestic and breathtaking as they stand tall with wonderful views. But it is the sea that offers beauty unlike anything else around us. Those blue waters instill instant tranquility and serenity in the eyes of the beholder. Yet, if you really want to enjoy the sea, you will need to forego that peacefulness and get some action. Water sports are probably the most exciting thing you could do with the sea, and they offer a thrill of a lifetime.

These are some cool water sports that you need to try out at least once in your life.


This is the perfect summer water sport, where you will get to enjoy the beauty of the sea while paddling in your small kayak. You get to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, while actually doing some serious physical activity without even knowing it. Time flies by when you’re kayaking, and before you know it, you will have spent hours out there enjoying yourself and living in the moment.


This is one of the harder water sports, but it is also one of the most exciting. Windsurfing combines the techniques of surfing and the skills of sailing as you try to navigate your surfboard with a sail attached. You move along the waves in intricate movements that allow you to harness the waves’ strength and the wind speed to glide over the sea. It kind of feels like walking on water as you glide seamlessly into the horizon.


Speaking of surfing, this is one of the coolest water sports you could ever do. There is nothing quite like riding a wave on your surfboard and going as high up as the sky. You will need to balance and technique to control your board as the waves carry you, but as you can see on, the gear you are using also makes a lot of difference in your surfing experience. Whether it is your wetsuit, video camera, or the board itself, invest in some high-quality –– yet affordable –– gear to make the most out of your time surfing.

Jet skiing

For people who want to experience moving quickly in the waters, without using a surfboard of any kind, jet skiing is what you’re after. It is the perfect water sport for people who are always after the thrill and it will get your heart racing like no other activity in the water. It is basically like driving your car at high speeds, only you do this at sea! You get to feel the wind in your hair and water splattering all around you as you cover great distances at high speeds, which is quite thrilling.


Surfing not really doing it for you? Wakeboarding is basically surfing while being towed by a speeding boat. You get a special board here that is equipped with fins and weights, so you could navigate it using your feet. It is a lot like snowboarding, but in the heart of the sea. It could also be performed in lakes, and it’s very exciting and quite the adrenaline rush.


Parachuting meets wakeboarding, that’s basically parasailing. You get to fly high up in the air while being towed by a boat, and you will see everything else from high above. Think of it as parachuting, but with a safety net as you are attached to the boat.

Banana boat ride

While this isn’t exactly a water sport, it is still one of the most entertaining water activities you could ever do. You get on a banana boat which is towed by a motorboat, giving you quite the fun ride, but also a very bumpy one that will probably end up with the driver flipping your boat upside down in the water.


Rafting is the extreme version of kayaking. You take a raft and head out into dangerous waters with the people with you on the raft. It is a bit dangerous as it involves navigating through high-speed waters, but it is one of the most exciting and entertaining things to do while vacationing near such bodies of water.

There are tons of great water sports out there, and you could enjoy a lot of them while going on a vacation. You should have professionals helping you, though, for the first couple of times until you get the hang of things, especially in sports like surfing or rafting.

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