Must-Have Accessories for Travelling on a Plane in 2020

by Julia on December 18, 2019

Sometimes, a long flight could be the obstacle keeping you away from exploring your dream destination. However, by packing the essential travel accessories, a flight ride can turn out to be a good experience by itself.

While flight attendants offer drinks and snacks, packing other essential accessories can make your trip more enjoyable. These necessities range from entertainment gadgets to items that guarantee your comfort and sufficient rest.

An Electronic Gadget

A small tablet, for example, would come in handy for you especially on a long flight. Before boarding the plane, you may consider loading it with books, offline games, and movies.

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You can rely on your downloaded content for entertainment in case the airplane lacks in-seat devices. Also, even if it does not, you will be sure to stay tuned to your best selection. Furthermore, you can still finish off a movie once you land.


A good pair of headphones is another necessary accessory you must pack when traveling on a plane. You need these plugged into your device for listening to your content. You also don’t want to be a nuisance to your neighbors when playing movies or music.

You may want to consider noise-canceling headphones for an even better experience. These types of headphones have the following benefits:

  • They reduce hearing loss.

  • They make it easier to concentrate.

  • They can improve the quality of your sleep by lowering noise.

Water Bottle

The air in the plane cabin is of lower humidity than normal. It drops even lower during longer flights. This is why you might feel dehydrated when flying. You need not rely on the flight attendants to always ensure that you have drinking water.

Instead, you require a water bottle. You will not be allowed to carry your own water and this is why the bottle needs to be empty. You could fill it later when you are about to board the plane, having gone through all security checks.

Neck Pillow

To some people, a neck pillow is an item that makes their luggage baggier. However, it is an extremely necessary accessory to carry with you when flying.

A comfortable one, in this case, would be better in helping you catch some sleep without your head moving up and down. In addition, it saves you from waking up with a neck ache.

So, whether you are lucky to have a window, aisle, or you are stuck in the middle seat, a comfortable neck pillow makes flying a better experience.


How would a change of clothes feel after a long flight? It would be soothing. Consider carrying an additional pair of clothes when flying for long hours. Besides, a change of pants or dress might give you a sense of refreshment once you land. Apart from clothes, your toiletries could include toothpaste, a toothbrush, and some lotion.

Moreover, do not forget a pack of disinfectant wipes in your bag. With a large number of germs lurking around in airplanes, the wipes can help maintain your immune system when traveling. They can also be extremely useful when you want to wash your hands for a meal but don’t want to visit the bathroom.

In addition to the wipes, a hand sanitizer would be handy in boosting the level of hygiene around you.

Compression Socks

If you are in for a long flight, consider carrying compression socks. They improve the blood flow in your body. They exert force on your legs thereby helping your blood vessels to work better.

Compression socks also keep your legs free from aches thereby eliminating the possibility that you will land with swollen feet. They may also ensure that you don’t feel dizzy when you stand up.

Travel Scarf

A scarf is a versatile travel accessory; you may use it as a blanket when you get cold and also as a shoulder throw shawl. It combines comfort and style and contributes towards improving your flying experience.

Moreover, some even have small pockets within them where you can securely hide your travel documents like the passport.

While important travel accessories differ from a person to another, these ones guarantee the comfort when flying especially for long hours. You definitely should consider including them in your carry-on bag and make your next flight the best yet.

With these things in your bag, you will be comfortable and happy no matter the number of hours the flight will last. Always create a list of the items you need and pack them early so that you don’t forget.

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