Seven Reasons to Book a Fitness Holiday

by Julia on December 13, 2019

The past few years have seen a surge in the popularity of fitness holidays, whereby individuals book into an exercise boot camp in an exotic location. Spending your hard-earned holiday doing burpees might seem slightly unconventional, but here’s why a fitness boot camp might be exactly what you need.

Give yourself a head start

When it comes to exercise, getting started is often the hardest part. Instead of waiting weeks to feel like you’re getting somewhere, a fitness boot camp will yield significant results in a much shorter amount of time than usual. By dedicating your holiday to fitness, you will see much faster progress than you would by simply spending an hour or two in the gym after work each week.

Start your fitness journey the right way

A fitness holiday is more than just a temporary spike in your fitness levels – you’ll gain valuable knowledge that you can take home with you. A boot camp will allow you learn the correct moves and techniques, and will help you to create a mindset to set you up well for your continued fitness journey.

Commit to being fit

How easy is it to put off getting in shape until next week, and then the week after that, and the week after that… until before you know it, another year has flown by and you haven’t made any progress? Once that fitness holiday is booked, there’s no more putting it off. You’ll be committed to finally starting the fitness journey that you’ve always dreamed of.

Meet new people

Desperate to jet off to an exotic location but don’t have anyone to go with? A fitness camp is a perfect place to meet a whole array of new people and make lifelong friends. You’ll be spending so much time together that you’ll become a family of sorts, and the bonds you form during your shared journey will be much stronger than those forged in a hostel bar at happy hour.

Discover a new you

You might not see yourself as the athletic type, but a fitness holiday is an amazing opportunity to challenge yourself and discover abilities you didn’t even know you had. You’ll be surprised at what you’re capable of, and perhaps you will even find a passion for an activity that you hated during school P.E. lessons.

See the world

The best fitness holidays take place in beautiful, exotic countries. Getting fit is much more fun than working out in your local gym. Of course, you’re not going to be in the gym 24/7 during your holiday. During your off time, you can relax on the beach, get to know the culture and explore a foreign, tropical land. Ultimate Fitness offer boot camps such as Phuket Fit in a variety of wonderful locations, for example.

Find a new passion

The best way to get fit is to find out what kind of exercise you enjoy. After all, it’s hard to stay committed to an activity that you don’t truly love. Holiday boot camps let you sample a huge range of different exercises, so that you can find out what feels good – and what doesn’t. It’s a crucial part of committing to a healthier lifestyle, so why not do it somewhere with state-of-the-art facilities and plenty of knowledgeable trainers to help you?

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